Renegade Astrologer

If we look to the stars, we can find the map to our soul.

Wanna learn how to read your map?


It doesn’t have to take you a lifetime to find out who you are.

Are you tired of waking up each day and feeling purposeless? Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions of your life?

What if you could wake up each day and know exactly what you’re here to do? What if you felt absolute clarity about the gifts you have?

What if you could courageously step out of bed each morning and walk into the life that is truly meant for you? What if you heard your Soul calling and you listened?


Hola, I’m Jen

Renegade astrologer

I spent the early part of my life completely floundering. I was lost - lost in men, in alcohol, in co-dependency. I was running from country to country, hoping that each destination would cure the pain I felt inside. It didn’t. I needed real help. I needed real healing.

After one abortion, one called off engagement and a serious stomach ulcer, I was ready to commit my life to healing. I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico and began to study Astrology, Dream Work and Shamanism. I began to meet teachers. I got sober and began to heal my body.

I met the love of my life and my current parter in New Mexico who happened to be a woman. I embraced my queerness (in all ways) and began to live a renegade life that I always knew I was meant for. I began to step into my true Work in the world.

Today, I live with my partner, H in the wild mountains of Northern New Mexico. When we’re not in New Mexico, you can find us on the beaches of Mexico, lying in the sun.


time is precious, you can’t afford to hide who you are.

In my house, you get to be seen. You get to be heard.

You get to shine - BRIGHT.

In my house you don’t have to hold back. No one is going to tell you to be quiet.

In my house, we want you to find out who you are. We need the gifts that only you can bring.

In my house, no one goes unnoticed. Everyone is accepted for who they are.

Want to Join the Revolution?


“If you don’t know who you are, anyone can name you.”

-Michael Meade-


Astrology 101: The Basics of Star Chart Reading

Meet Jen’s Online Signature Course

In 12 short weeks, you will understand and come to know the basics of reading a Star Chart.

If you want to become an astrologer, if you want to open up the cosmological access to your Soul and help guide others to who they are, this course will bring you there.

Class starts January 2020. Are you feeling the call to join?


What are peeps saying about jen?


"Jen is a rare gem of a healer and astrologer. She brings her authentic self to her astrology readings in a way that is unbiased, supportive, and insightful. Through her reading, I felt empowered to access parts of myself that had been hidden or buried, and I was able to give them a voice. I felt supported by Jen during the reading, and she helped me recognize and celebrate my gifts and strengths while also having compassion and empathy for the things I am here to work on. I walked away from the reading with a deeper connection to astrology and myself."

-Sarah Ellis, Taos, NM


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