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The Radical Witness Manifesto

The radical witness is someone who has braved their inner world and continues to do so, living with curiosity for their pain, not the desire to banish it.
The radical witness guides without control, challenges without judgement and builds relationships founded on honesty and love.

The radical witness is the mentor and guide of our time - the wise one who inspires, teaches and meets their people with loving boundaries.

The radical witness helps you foster your own voice, autonomy and way of navigating your deepest challenges and joys.
The radical witness knows how to use their intuition and body as a tool.

The radical witness knows how to repair and apologize when they injure important relationships.
The radical witness holds their Work as sacred and knows the power that comes with the position they hold.

the radical witness knows that our world is starving for their medicine and in dire need of soul repair.
It is the time of the radical witness, may we proceed with courageous steps.

Jen Antill holding deer antlers

Let me introduce myself...

Hola, I'm Jen ~ I am an astrologer, therapist, teacher and writer. I work with people all over the world, helping them discover the authentic voice and way of their Soul. I sit with my clients in their deepest challenges and struggles, offering them honest guidance, deep acceptance and loving confrontation. I have been drawn to healing ever since I was a little girl, navigating my way on an alternative and diverse path of education and training; from midwifery school, to massage therapy training, to Shamanic practitioner training and finally, to receiving my masters in depth psychotherapy.

I live in Northern New Mexico with my wife and our wild dog, Alice. We live on a small, rural farm where we garden, raise chickens, pigs and of course, one brave donkey.

Some of my most favorite ways you can experience my work right now is by booking an astrology reading with me, exploring a day-long therapeutic intensive with me on my farm or checking out my upcoming Wounded Healer Rising Retreats.

Everyone needs a radical witness to their life story.

Let's do this.


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Explore the Wounded Healer Rising Retreat

This is a great way to familiarize yourself with your gifts, to understand the current patterns and cycles of your life and to take the initial steps you need for transformation.

Jen works with individuals and couples in-person (in Northern New Mexico) and via telehealth. Jen encourages those seeking deeper transformation to book day-long intensives + retreats with her on her farm in New Mexico.

Wounded Healer Rising is for those of you who spend your time holding space for other people. Over a 4-day retreat period, I teach you the skills you need to take your space holding to the next level and to sustain yourself while doing so.

what my clients say


“I met Jen as I was coming out of a difficult period in my life.

I wanted spiritual direction, but I didn’t want any crystal-ball fortune-telling 900-number hotline crap about my future. I was hungering for a deeper connection to my soul’s purpose and journey. As soon as we sat down, I felt as though I was talking to someone very dear whom I’d known intimately for years. She listens with profound empathy and a deep wisdom belying her years, as though her soul has been doing this for a long, long time. When I speak with her, it’s that same boundless feeling I get when I’m looking over the edge of a cliff at a beautiful mountain vista or staring up into the night speckled with stars — a sense of vastness and space for my soul to stretch itself out. Jen has an amazing talent to guide my intuition so that I feel like I truly have a choice to thrive in this life, regardless of the circumstances. Working with her is a unique and powerfully rewarding experience.” CLARE KELLY - TUCSON, AZ

“Working with Jen has been a life affirming experience.

She gives me space to comfortably speak my process, asks rich and relevant questions that help me go deeper into understanding my way and my emotions, and insightfully reflects back what she hears me say. Jen has accompanied me on a journey of coming home to myself and I am extremely grateful for that.” ROSE PAQUET - SAVANNAH, GA


“Jen has created the space for me to explore my relationship with myself in deeper, more expansive and freeing ways than I thought was possible.

I’ve been trained through quite a bit of emotional intelligence leadership and coaching experiences prior to finding Jen yet I had never found someone who could support me in creating such an authentic, open and welcoming place inside myself that validates and embraces how I view life. She supports me in my ongoing exploration of my journey from a lens that brings deep wisdom and possibility. This lens helps me meet my life and build relationships from a place that feels whole and true to who I am. I cannot recommend her more!” ALLIE ARMITAGE - SANTA FE, NM

“I cannot thank you enough for your authentic guidance and genuine compassion.

Because of you, I’m in the midst of an incredibly profound awakening - finally experiencing my true self and hearing my own voice! You are one cool cat with CRAZY talent!” TYLER VANDENBURG - DALLAS, TX

Megan Wyld

"Jen is fully in her element when it comes to reading the cosmos and our relationship to it.

From birth chart, to present moment transit influences, she has the gift of channeling how astrology influences our lives. Her talent of interpreting this language is so different than the others I have experienced. Through Jen's sessions, my life has changed -- how I see myself, and how I love myself. My deepest core self has been seen, validated--even those beautiful gems in the shadows within that I didn't know how to express, were reavealed with her. I walk more confidently in how I have been kissed by the stars and planets, in the wheel of time. I am more excited to develop my gifts and overcome my challenges because my self-doubt, confusion and shame were removed by our sessions. I cannot reccomend her enough! Give yourself the gift of knowing yourself more with this magnificent, heart-centered astrologer." - Megan Wyld

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