Learn to Live in the Truth of Who You Really Are.


We're not here to blend in or to fade away. We're not here to hide or cover up who we are. We 're not here to follow the rules and the guidelines set out before us by our fractured culture. We're not here to adhere to the expectations of others. We're not here to only wish that we could be the person we want to be (some day).

We're here to be that person we know lives inside of us - to fully embody that person - to defy all standards - to push back from what we're told we should want, need and desire. We're here to question everything until we truly find our way. 


What's The First Step To Finding My True Way?

It begins with a sneaking feeling - a knowing that there is more to our life than we are currently experiencing. We felt it once, when we were little. Remember?

We all need support to find who and what we are. We need support because we have messy and complicated feelings, we have taught ourselves to believe things that are untrue. We need guidance to find our way back to our true selves.

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What Does It Take To Be Who You Really Are?

It takes courage y'all. It takes determination. It takes fierce willingness. It takes desire. It takes an insatiable hunger. It takes a love of death and transformation. It takes time and energy and most importantly, your undivided attention. It takes the readiness to risk everything that you've known and been comfortable with in order to feel like you

It also takes community who can see and support you on that journey. It takes weekly and monthly practice. It takes a village.


Hola, I'm Jen.

I grew up playing by all the rules - I was a good student, a good Christian and an accepted, straight girl in my white, heterosexual culture. I had to push through all the boxes that my culture taught me to fit into in order to discover who I truly was. 

I am now a Shamanic Counselor, Astrologer, Writer and Teacher living in Taos, New Mexico with my partner and our wild dog, Alice. 

Happy Clients

Jen, I feel like a reborn human since our last conversation. You were truly a life raft in that storm for me. I wish I had other words besides thank you to express what that meant to me. I really feel like I’ve claimed my wild self - that I understand Her and more of my own Song. I am so grateful to operate from this place of being! I wanted to say how much I know you’re holding space for me even when I’m not emailing or talking to you on the phone. I can SO feel it and I often sink into it when I need it. I am so appreciative that you’re holding that big big supportive container for me! Thank you!
— -Stephanie Halligan, Boulder, CO
Jen has created the space for me to explore my relationship with myself in deeper, more expansive and freeing ways than I thought was possible. I’ve been trained through quite a bit of Emotional Intelligence, leadership, coaching experiences prior to finding Jen yet I had never found someone who could support me in creating such an authentic, open, and welcoming place inside of myself that validates and embraces how I view life. She supports me in my ongoing exploration of my journey from a lens that brings deep wisdom and possibility, and helps me meet my life and build relationships from a place that feels whole and true to who I am. I can’t recommend her more!
— Allie Armitage, Washington, DC