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So you're struggling with your relationships? YUP. I hear you and most importantly, me too.  Y'all, the quality of our relationships, informs our satisfaction in life, our happiness and our contentment. It's time we put A LOT more effort into making sure we know how to care for the relationships in our lives.

I work with women who are frustrated with the dating scene and find themselves in short-term relationships over and over again only to be left wondering - what am I doing wrong? I help women find clarity around their relationship challenges so they can create long-term, satisfying relationships.

I also work with couples who are at a standstill - you know, the couple who feels like they have fallen out of love with one another and is left wondering every day: IS THIS RELATIONSHIP FOR ME? Feeling uncertain in your relationship is the worst. Together, I work with couples to find clarity around their relationship and move forward either way.


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Jen offers individuals and couples their first therapy session ON THE HOUSE. Finding the right therapist is challenging and Jen wants to make sure you choose one that is the right fit for you.

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Jen uses astrology to help couples navigate the challenges in their partnership and recognize the gifts. Book a reading with Jen today to get a whole different perspective on your partnership!