Change Your Life From The Inside Out

holistic transformation for the courageous creator, the rebellious renegade and the emotionally inclined.


Here's the gist - i work with these kind of women...

My guess is - you want to change the world - you've got a vision, a message and journals full of heart felt words and doodles. You're powerful and creative, but you've also got pain and confusion. You've been hurt. You're not quite sure if you believe in yourself like you used to. 

You're doing well enough but you still doubt yourself. You still care what other people think about you - what your parents think about you and you haven't been able to let go of that break up from five years ago. You want to move forward but you feel stuck. You've gone to therapy, you know how to talk about your emotions, you make vision boards, you meditate, you have mantras that work for you - so why do you still feel empty?

In order to get your message out into the world, in order to launch your creative vision, in order to feel some freakin' peace and clarity in your life, in order to feel fully in your power and do the things you know you have come to do on this planet - you need to heal. You need some serious, real, down to earth healing juju. 

You want the kind of healing that offers real and lasting transformation. The kind of healing that leaves you feeling like you're standing on top of a mountain and you finally know who you are. You long for the kind of healing that is going to take your current perspective and turn it on its head. You desperately want to find the power and freedom that has been inside of you your whole life. You want the kind of healing where you'll never have to hire another therapist, counselor or coach again - the kind of healing that will last a lifetime. You're not messing around any more.  

You are ready to uncover all your treasures - the ones you've been hiding for decades. You are ready to shine out into the world in all your brilliant power. No more holding back. No more confusion. No more shame or embarrassment. You're ready to be you and you're ready to finally enjoy it. 

Welcome to your fullest life baby girl. You can do this. Are you ready?


The Three Pillars of This Work:

Spiritual. Emotional. Alignment.


The Spiritual

We cannot reach the fullest expression of our true selves without calling in the largest parts of ourselves - the non-linear and the spiritual. We are largely non-linear beings. We forget this. Many healing modalities (especially modern day psychotherapy) try and operate out of the linear and analytical mind. That kind of healing is not sustainable - it doesn't work.

We must reach into the vastness of who we are and begin to remember everything we have forgotten. We have come from the stars - the cosmos - and we will return there. We have the ability to cross through time and space, activate our ultimate knowingness, and commune with the divine. It is all within our power. All of the answers we ever wanted are available to us. We just have to remember that it's within our power and then, claim it.

We have the power to become and live as our own, very best spiritual guide. We so often give our spiritual authority away to others (counselors, spiritual intuitives, mediums, psychics, etc) and this keeps us stuck. We get stuck in the belief that we are less than or that we don't know as much as someone with "spiritual gifts". In order to reclaim our power and our spiritual knowingness, we must learn to quest again - to journey to the answers that we are so hungry to receive. We can learn to access the non-linear knowledge that is endlessly available to us - we can reawaken our "spiritabilities" and become our own best spiritual guides.  


the emotional

Most of us are bursting forward with emotion - we feel, we perceive, we want to express, we yearn, we long to be seen, heard, understood and deeply felt. We are taught that our emotions are not valuable - they are useless, a distraction, weak, meaningless and so on. We forget the value of the emotional world and we forget ourselves. We forget that knowing ourselves means knowing our inner world. 

Many of us have denied our true feelings and wants so much so that we now feel lost, deprived and ashamed of where we are in life. When we begin to understand our choices and extend compassion to ourselves, we can begin to approach ourselves with love, acceptance and understanding. This changes everything. We can now be free to move through the world without judgment, shame and guilt. 

When we tend to our emotional worlds, we have the opportunity to return to the innocence, playfulness and joy we once knew. We can run wild with open hearts and hands that are outstretched. We can honor our way of relating to the world. We no longer have to wait for others to validate us or our experiences. We can truly live from the heart. 


The alignment

So you're seeking to make a difference in the world - you want to make an impact. You have gifts to share and messages to spread. Your voice matters. Your offerings are significant. You want to impact the world in the most positive of ways. You want to ride your path and purpose bareback out into the wild. You know it is in you. You are a leader, a teacher, a wise woman, a valued council member of the tribe. You are here to guide others in the changing of the worlds - into their own hearts. You have vision and damn, it is a powerful vision. It is an inspired vision. You are a seer, a dreamer and a creative. 

There are tools a powerful leader needs: spiritual and emotional knowingness. This is how we make the greatest impact. This is how we change the world and guide others from the place of greatest clarity. These are the areas that are left un-tended in our culture. These are the lost arts of the Spiritual Guide and the Emotional Creator. To be a woman who goes into the depths of her inner world and lifts the veil of the non-linear world in order to fiercely know herself - this is a woman who lives from her heart and leaves a footprint of global change behind. 


You Have the Chance To Step Into Your Power


There's No turning back...

When you work with me, you will be guided to experience the clearest version of your inner authority so you can become truly empowered. Truly empowered women:

  • understand and own their gifts
  • act according to their own inner guidance
  • desire to create community where they can clearly and purposefully guide others
  • engage in work that feels meaningful, nourishing and sustainable
  • attract balanced and loving relationships
  • know how to unconditionally love and accept themselves
  • feel free and wildly creative
  • are not defined by their outer conditions but rather, by their inner state

could this work be a fit for you?


I work with women who are deeply passionate about getting their own vision out into the world but first, they want to clear out their inner bear cave. They want to go deeper, feel more, awaken their hearts in a new way and expand into who they really are.

I do not offer fast-food solutions. I teach you to be your own guide so that you will have the tools to serve yourself for the rest of your life. This is a self-empowered process - you will become your own spiritual counselor. 

I am a healer and offer this work to my community with my full heart. In many ways, I have been doing this work since I was very small. Now, I need to receive payment in order to make this work my life's work. Working with me is an investment - it is an investment in your time, energy and money. I don't take that lightly. It is a commitment - a dedication - a life long relationship that we can weave together. We are building a tribe of awakening - a community of change. This is the new era. 

Let your intuition guide you - your inner knowingness. If you feel the call, answer it. Chances are - there's a reason we are supposed to meet and work together. This work will undoubtedly change your life if you let it. If you're open to receiving it, you'll never be the same. If you've always felt like an alien - an outsider - you may have just found your tribe. Welcome home.