About Jen


In the beginning, I was a good girl…

For a long time in my life I felt restricted, I felt caged, I felt judged - I felt limited by what others said my life had to be. I let the expectations that others had of me define my path. I felt resentful and angry. I felt codependent and scared. I was so afraid of losing all the people in my life if I didn’t do what they wanted me to do.

I grew up in the Evangelical Christian Church, adhering to the standards of holiness and purity. I tried to be good. I didn’t kiss boys. I did my homework, I went to school, I saved my money, I tried to match my image to look like a good, straight, white girl, I volunteered, I didn’t drink, I called my Grandparents - I was good. I contorted myself to be what everyone wanted me to be. I didn’t rock the boat. I kept the boat nice and steady.

then, I exploded

After I graduated high school, I exploded. The tiny shards of wildness that were trying to come through me burst forward into a chaotic jumble. I started heavily drinking, my sexuality exploded and I traveled to every place I could think of (India, Costa Rica, Thailand, Mexico, Hawaii). I stopped going to church and started trying to put together this growing divide I felt within myself - how can I be good and authentic to myself at the same time? Can I do both?

I started to get sick

All the chaos was starting to have an impact on me and I began to get sick. I was hospitalized for stomach conditions, ulcers, stress and finally in 2012, a detached retina in my left eye that threatened to take my vision. That got my attention. I knew I had to change my life.

Healing Became a Priority

My life seemed to change all at once when I decided I was ready. I met my spiritual teacher and counselor in 2012 while waiting tables at a café, I stopped drinking, I met my life partner while apprenticing with a local midwife (that was another life), I completely changed my diet, decided to move out of the city and into the country and stop working jobs that felt endlessly life-sucking. I began to unravel how deadening my life had felt. I was finally ready to do my inner work that would truly lead me toward holistic healing.

My Life Today

My partner Heathar and I in the mountains of Northern New Mexico.

My partner Heathar and I in the mountains of Northern New Mexico.

My wild dog Alice and I

My wild dog Alice and I

My beautiful niece and I canoeing, summer 2018.

My beautiful niece and I canoeing, summer 2018.

My nephew and I being super bad ass, summer 2018.

My nephew and I being super bad ass, summer 2018.

Today, I live in the middle of the Northern New Mexico mountains. I gave up my urban life to discover the richness of my inner world and the health benefits that can come from living a rural life.

I have been studying with my Shamanic teachers since 2012 and continue to learn the ancient ways of the Ka Ta See lineage. I am studying Shamanic Counseling, Shamanic Astrology, The Tradition Of Shamanic Pipe Ceremonies, Ancient Shamanic Healing Arts and more. My life has become devoted to healing in the most genuine and authentic way I could have ever imagined. For me, it will be a life-long journey of learning.


Jen’s Education & Training

  • Certified Shamanic Counselor And Shamanic Astrologer - Santa Fe, New Mexico - 2012-Present

  • Certified Ka Ta See Healer - Santa Fe, New Mexico - 2012-2016

  • Ka Ta See Advanced Teacher Training And Studies - Santa Fe, New Mexico - 2015 -Present

  • Massage Therapist - Santa Fe School Of Massage - Santa Fe, New Mexico - 2013

  • Certification In Holistic Midwifery From The Matrona - Seattle, WA- 2011