About me

I am no stranger to transformation

In order to be a guide for others through the depths, you must also have traversed the landscape of pain, resiliency and change yourself.

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When I was seven...

I was the first little girl (out of six) to come forward and speak up about a man who was sexually abusing all of us. This man was promptly convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

This changed the course of my life.

After that, I changed schools, moved away from friends and also witnessed my family break apart when my parents decided to divorce. I became officially initiated into the world of pain. I spent most of my days restless and anxious. I spent many of my nights being afraid.

Even at the age of seven, I knew I needed help. This started my personal journey with healing and also my desire to understand the pain of others.


At seven, I started going to therapy. I also started going to church. Both church and therapy, were based in Evangelical Christianity. They both offered me a place to feel safe and a sense of belonging. They offered me solace from the pain in my early life.

This worked, for awhile.

Christianity and religious-based therapy taught me how to be a "good girl". They didn't teach me how to embrace who I really was. I started to hide my emotions and desires. I started to suppress my creativity. I started to get small and voiceless. More than anything, I wanted to be good enough to gain the approval of my community around me.

Eventually, I exploded...


I started drinking and partying, giving myself permission to do whatever I wanted and blaming it on the alcohol. I started sleeping with strangers. I felt empty. I felt reckless. I felt out-of-control.

After I graduated college, I promised myself I would change. I didn't want to keep blacking out and taking the morning after pill. I wanted to find out who I really was outside of the confines of religion. I wanted to express and create. I wanted to explore my sexuality. I wanted to genuinely discover myself. So, I went to a place that felt utterly different from everything I had known: Maui. I bought a one-way ticket to the island life and got a job working on an organic farm.

On Maui, I was introduced to a totally new way of life. I found people who were spiritual but not religious. I found people who were sexually free. I started farming naked. I started learning about non-violent communication, crystals, tarot and yoga. I felt the layers of religious conditioning begin to peel back from my psyche.

After I left Maui, I returned to the mainland and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Once again, I met like-hearted community that encouraged my love for the healing arts. I started to study astrology, counseling and Shamanism. I got sober. I met my life partner and I started to feel like it was finally safe enough to begin express who I really was.


Studying healing, has turned into a life long love affair for me. I've learned that there is no right or wrong way to heal. There is no endpoint or destination of enlightenment. There is only the very real human journey that we all have to walk.

Currently, I am getting my Masters in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. I run a full-time Astrological Counseling business where I get to work with people all over the world and explore the deepest parts of their psyche.

As well as my love for counseling and astrology, my other deep and true loves include singing (especially in Acapella groups), writing of any kind, exploring spaces that feel completely open and wild, collecting bones, soaking in natural hot springs, speaking Spanish, collaging eccentric images together, sheep skin rugs, an on-going infatuation with the banjo, homesteading and yurts. You can find me where the wild and creative meet - where transformation and healing create poetry.

Jen Antill smiling and holder her partner

I live with my fiancé, Heathar — who is also a healing artist and a badass chef — and our wild dog, Alice in the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.

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