About Jen

I've Always Loved The Stars

From as early as I can remember, I was a seeker - searching for answers and meaning in a world that was so often confusing for me. Astrology provided me with my first meaningful map in this wild life...

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My First Reading...

I asked my mom for an astrology reading when I was 13 years old. Luckily, even though I was surrounded by an Evangelical Christian community, my mom was open to me getting an astrology reading. She was just adventurous like that. (Sun in Sagittarius)

My first astrology reading blew me away. I had no idea how I could feel so seen by someone who knew nothing about my life. I was drawn into the curious, psychological depths of the chart and I wanted to know more. My first reading helped me to come to know things about myself that were in my awareness but would have taken me many more years to make conscious.

Ten years later, I began taking astrology classes.
Life led me back to astrology over and over again ~ a love affair that has never ceased.


In between my jobs as a server and massage therapist, I would give astrology readings. In my spare time I would read books about astrology and dive into my own chart. I would talk about astrology and dream about astrology. It became the language of my soul.


For three years I studied Evolutionary Astrology using the Tropical Zodiac. I then discovered the Sidereal Zodiac and fell into an even deeper resonance with my chart. I began studying Shamanic Astrology using the Sidereal Zodiac for the next seven years. I developed a deeply intuitive sense for the planets and my relationship with them - building a relationship with them as beings rather than concepts in a textbook.

The Time Came for Me to Claim My Knowledge


I had spent so many years as an astrology student, sometimes even hiding behind those who had taught me, that I had to step out on my own. It was time for me to claim my astrological lineage and move into giving readings and teaching astrology full-time. In 2019, I departed from my teachers and branched out on my own, individuating into the unique astrologer that I am today.


What make my astrology readings and teachings even more unique, is that I have a deep love and value of the soul and the world of psyche. Astrology readings, if we treat them correctly, are an incredibly intimate view into the soul of another person. It is my belief that this must be treated with incredible safety and respect. Not only do I provide astrology readings, but I carry the emotional intelligence and capacity to hold spaces of deep transformation for everyone who comes into my practice. I truly do not believe that we can be effective astrologers without the knowledge and experience of how to hold and offer sacred space.


Today, you can find me in graduate school, on my way to receiving my masters in Counseling Psychology. I spend much of my time reading and practicing the art of depth psychology and integrating it into my already existing astrology practice. I have spent the past two years studying Jungian psychology as well as Archetypal Astrology. My practice and depth as a practitioner continues to grow every day.

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I live with my fiancé, Heathar — who is also a healing artist and a badass chef — and our wild dog, Alice in the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.

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