When we use astrology, we walk with magic on a daily basis…


the kind of astrology you’ll find here

Jen is a Sidereal Astrologer. This means that she works differently than most western astrologers who practice Tropical Astrology. In a nutshell, Sidereal Astrology uses the actual location of the planets in the sky as opposed to a fixed system.

Jen has studied both Tropical and Sidereal Astrology and found that all her clients - including herself - resonate 100% more with the Sidereal System. This is not to say that any system is bad or wrong, but Jen has found the Sidereal system to be more resonant with our current lives and the constantly changing cosmos.


take an astrological journey through your chart

It takes more than one reading to come to know your Star Chart. In fact, it takes a lifetime. So often, when we have one reading that explains our entire birth chart, we feel overwhelmed and overloaded. Usually, there is just too much information for us to take in. Jen works with all her clients to move slowly through the chart so clients can integrate and experience each sacred piece. In this way, clients receive enormous benefit from having on-going astrological sessions to help integrate the medicine of their chart.


3-month astrological journey

  • Two chart readings every month for 3 months

  • After three months, if you’re hungry for more, you can re-up your subscription

  • You will receive recordings of all astrological sessions

  • You will gain an intimate understanding of your own chart

  • You will come to know the deeper meaning and significance of the planets, houses and constellations in your chart

  • You will have unlimited email/text access to Jen throughout each month

  • Total monthly cost: $375/month.)


One time chart Reading

get your birth chart read in a one time reading with jen.

Readings are done via Zoom, written or in-person if you happen to live in Northern New Mexico.


Client Gratitude


“Jen is an excellent astrologer and guide. In my readings, I discovered things that I hadn't previously known about myself. Her reading was deep, colorful, insightful, and fun. She even wrote a poem for me about a particular aspect of myself that fascinated me. I highly recommend Jen for self-discovery.”

-Nina Ross, Santa Fe, New Mexico


"Jen is a rare gem of a healer, counselor, and astrologer. She brings her authentic self to the Shamanic astrology readings in a way that is unbiased, supportive, and insightful. Through her reading, I felt empowered to access parts of myself that had been hidden or buried, and I was able to give them a voice. I felt supported by Jen during the reading, and she helped me recognize and celebrate my gifts and strengths while also having compassion and empathy for the things I am here to work on. I walked away from the reading with a deeper connection to astrology and myself."

- Sarah Ellis, Taos, New Mexico


"With Jen I got much more than just an astrology reading. Her tenderness and our connection during the reading was palpable, which led me to feel safe enough to open up fully and release the burdens I had been shouldering. I feel like I learned about myself, what lessons and gifts I have and why, and I felt like I understood life more. It's a beautiful thing."

- Daniel Halligan, Seattle, WA


“Jen’s readings, for myself and my family, were both eye opening and deeply affirming about my path in the world and my journey as a mom and wife. Before her readings, there was always that questioning about whether I was taking the right steps, moving in the right direction. But, after Jen spent her time carefully going over what she uncovered, I had a sense of clarity that I had not felt in a long time. I HIGHLY recommend you take advantage of an astrology reading from Jen, her professional yet thoughtful and nurturing approach is unmatched!”

— Rubina Cohen, Santa Fe, NM


“Diving into astrology readings with Jen has been soulful and affirming! We’ve had several heartfelt sessions together and each time, another gem is uncovered that assists me on my journey. She was instrumental in supporting a major life decision to move from Washington, DC to the mountains of Colorado. Jen has the capacity to prepare and hold a sacred container for exploration and offer guidance and interpretation around that which comes forward.”

- Kerrie Martin, Aspen, CO


“I've had my chart read by numerous folks over 4 decades. Why so many? Because I kept trying to make sense of what they were saying and how it related to who I felt I was. Parts resonated, but I kept thinking, maybe this time I will get the insight I know is there. Then I had my geocentric and heliocentric charts done by Jen, using the Sidereal system. Eureka! I finally saw myself mirrored and validated, heard and felt what I had been searching for. I was able to use that immediately in my life to help heal an issue that had stumped me for all those decades.”

-Cathy Hope, El Rito, New Mexico


“Jen’s reading was an insightful and joyful experience. She explained astrology in a unique and relevant way that helped me truly understand my chart. And it was fun!”

- Laura Hitt, Santa Fe, NM


“Soul coach is an apt term for Jen’s work. I met Jen as I was coming out of a difficult period in my life. I wanted spiritual direction, but I didn’t want any crystal-ball fortune-telling 900-number hotline crap about my future. I was hungering for a deeper connection to my soul’s purpose and journey. As soon as we sat down, I felt as though I was talking to someone very dear whom I’d known intimately for years. She listens with profound empathy and a deep wisdom belying her years, as though her soul has been doing this for a long, long time. When I speak with her, it’s that same boundless feeling I get when I’m looking over the edge of a cliff at a beautiful mountain vista or staring up into the night speckled with stars — a sense of vastness and space for my soul to stretch itself out.

Jen’s interpretation of astrology isn’t trying to tell me what’s going to go down in my life; instead, she hones in on the gifts I bring to the world. And let’s not forget the part where IT’S SO COOL. Working with her has helped to articulate qualities about myself I knew subconsciously and intuitively, making them so much more real and accessible. Our conversations aren’t just about seeing what’s happening in the stars.  She bends her focus towards seeing life from a perspective of abundance and sensuality, turning life into an act of gratitude. I’ve accessed a new connection to Source and a feeling of deep wonder about my place in the universe, even though the mundane business of my day-to-day life has been deeply challenging.

Jen has an amazing talent to guide my intuition so that I feel like I truly have a choice to thrive in this life, regardless of the circumstances. Working with her is a unique and powerfully rewarding experience.”

— Clare Kelly, Washington, D.C.


“Just thinking about my reading with Jen gives me chills. Her level of knowledge, depth, insight and above all passion for her gift – and it is a gift — moved me as much as what i learned from the reading itself. She gave me time, space, and the loving support i needed to listen and ask my questions and feel my feelings. By the end of the reading, I felt blessed and held. Receiving these things were gifts that unfold and enrich my inner world months later.”

— Beth Lee, Santa Fe, NM