Personal astrology reading

You have two birth charts that I will spend time interpreting:

  1. Your Heliocentric Birth Chart: this chart explores all your gifts and medicines on the planet. This chart will show you who you are uninhibited by trauma and pain. (Pssssst, no other astrologer incorporates this chart!)

  2. Your Geocentric Birth Chart: this chart explore how you walk with your gifts and medicines on this 3D planet.

    A full Birth Chart reading is $400.

  3. Readings can be written up, done in person or over ZOOM.


relationship chart: composite chart

Your relationship has a birth chart - the moment it was conceived. What does the chart of your relationship have to say about the way the two of you relate, connect and the struggles you encounter along the way? How can your relationship birth chart help you navigate the wild world of intimacy?

Cost: $250

wedding chart

If you’re getting married, your wedding has a birth chart. Oh yes indeed. What does your chart have to say about the union ahead of you? What do you want to watch for? How can you glide more easily into marriage? How can you support your partner and be supported in return? Wedding charts are a very in-depth reading of your union and marriage to come.

Cost: $550 - This includes a full, written-up wedding reading.