Astrology is the Star Map to Your Soul


Birth chart readings


Gifts and medicines reading: $349

A full written reading of your innate gifts, abilities and medicines. Jen reads and interprets your Heliocentric Birth Chart - a chart that almost no other astrologers read. This chart is a unique chart cast right before you embody on this planet. This chart reflects who you are in your pure and original essence.

Included in this reading:

  • A full written interpretation of your Heliocentric Chart

  • A 30-minute live Q & A session with Jen

basic one-time chart readings: $165

Explore your birth chart in a 90-minute reading. This reading can be focused around any area you want to explore or, can be a general explanation and interpretation of your chart.

Included in this reading:

  • 90-minute live Zoom call to explore your chart

  • Recording of our session together



“Jen is an excellent astrologer and guide. In my readings, I discovered things that I hadn't previously known about myself. Her reading was deep, colorful, insightful, and fun. She even wrote a poem for me about a particular aspect of myself that fascinated me. I highly recommend Jen for self-discovery.”


Transit readings

6-month transit forecast reading: $227

Become aware of the planets and what they have in store for your life. Learn to understand the cycles and phases of the cosmos and how to work with them rather than fight against them.

Included in this reading:

  • A full written interpretation of the planetary transits and how they will impact your chart/life for the next 6 months

  • A 30-minute live Q & A call with Jen



“With Jen I got much more than just an astrology reading. Her tenderness and our connection during the reading was palpable, which led me to feel safe enough to open up fully and release the burdens I had been shouldering. I feel like I learned about myself, what lessons and gifts I have and why, and I felt like I understood life more. It's a beautiful thing."


For couples

composite chart reading: $297

Each relationship is born out of a moment in time. Each moment in time is uniquely special and important. What does the birth chart of your relationship look like? When two people come together, they create a third entity: their relationship. Thus, a new chart is born. The composite chart is a combination of any two charts made into one.

Included in this reading:

  • A full written interpretation of your composite chart

  • A 30-minute live Q & A call with Jen

Synastry chart reading: $227

When two people come together, they bring lifetimes of experience with them, they weave together and tell a story. What is the story of your relationship? What is the trajectory of your relationship? The synastry readings looks at two charts together and how they communicate and interact with one another. The synastry reading is not just for couples, it is for any pair seeking guidance and clarity around their relationship. The synastry chart readings helps you understand the challenges and gifts of any particular relationship you’re in.

Included in this reading:

  • A 90-minute live session with Jen to explore the dynamics of your two charts together.

  • A recording of the session



“Just thinking about my reading with Jen gives me chills. Her level of knowledge, depth, insight and above all passion for her gift – and it is a gift — moved me as much as what i learned from the reading itself. She gave me time, space, and the loving support i needed to listen and ask my questions and feel my feelings. By the end of the reading, I felt blessed and held. Receiving these things were gifts that unfold and enrich my inner world months later.”


wedding chart reading: $549

If you’re getting married, your wedding has a birth chart. What does your chart have to say about the union ahead of you? What do you want to watch for? How can you glide more easily into marriage? How can you support your partner and be supported in return? Wedding charts are a very in-depth reading of your union and marriage to come. *If you have already gotten married, this chart is relevant for you too and will help you navigate your current marriage.

Included in this reading:

  • A full written interpretation of your wedding chart