Through the practice of experiential feeling and perceiving, we can begin to heal.


Why Is Ceremony Important?

In our modern culture, much of our knowledge comes through the mind. We have lost the ancient way of perceiving with our non-linear senses, we have lost the art of intuition and knowingness that comes from the beyond.

Ceremony invites us to listen, sense and feel again with our heart and with our spiritabilities. Ceremony offers us the opportunity to journey for ourselves and claim the wisdom that has always lived inside of us. Ceremony calls us to become our own most potent spiritual guides. Ceremony roots us into the spiritual and intuitive power that rests in the roots of our souls. Through ceremony we can truly find all the answers we are seeking and the healing we need to move forward in the 3D world.

Upcoming Ceremony


Releasing Past Lovers: A Cord Cutting Ceremony

Two Upcoming Dates:

  1. March 31st, 2019 in Taos, New Mexico

  2. May 25th, 2019 in Boulder, Colorado

In order to move forward in our lives, in order to give our hearts fully and show up presently in the intimate relationships we are in and will be in, we must free up space in our heart. We must become aware of old, murky attachments to past lovers that are still keeping us stuck, in pain and protecting our hearts in ways we may not even be aware of.

By participating in the Releasing Past Lovers Ceremony, you will be able to release all attachments to past lovers so that you can move forward in your life with love and freedom.

About the Day:

  • We will begin our day with the ancient Peruvian Song Ceremony - a 30,000 year old ceremony to guide you back to the feeling of who and what you are. You will have the opportunity to set your intention for your day of ceremony and align yourself with your true identity and vibration. This ceremony will set the tone for the whole day. It will offer you clarity of mind and heart so that you can enter into the ceremony with the clearest attention.

  • You will be given time to write down and briefly explore the past relationships you have had in your life that you want to let go of and move on from. We will have a sharing circle where you will be given the chance to share brief stories from some of your important relationships. We will hold a container for you to feel heard and to let go so that you can create more space for love in your heart.

  • We will do the Releasing Past Lovers Ceremony and have time for sharing and questions afterward.

  • We will share a beautiful and nurturing, organic meal and locally harvested meal together while creating heart-centered community.

Who This Ceremony Is For?

  • This ceremony is currently for women only. All kinds of sexual orientations are welcome to attend this ceremony. This is a safe space to explore and share about all different kinds of love and relationship experiences.

  • This ceremony is for women who are hungry to move forward in their intimate relationships and to open their hearts to love.

  • This ceremony is for women who have noticed they have felt blocked or shut down in their intimate relationships and want to let those feelings go.

  • This ceremony is for women who have felt addicted to previous connections and are hungry for more easeful and healthy connections in their lives.

  • This ceremony is for women who are ready to be honest and dive deep into their relationship past and patterns. This ceremony is for women who truly want to wake up to their potential to love.

Ceremony Logistics

  • The ceremony will take place from 10am-5pm on your chosen day and city of attendance. Exact location will be announced once you are registered for the ceremony.

  • A lunch will be provided for participants according to dietary needs and preferences.

  • The cost for this ceremony is a sliding scale from $125-$200. Feel free to contact me with more questions around the cost of this ceremony and to make a payment arrangement that works for you.

  • This ceremony will be a scent free event. This means that I ask all participants to come free of any lotions and perfumes, essential oils, hair gels or shampoos and chemical laundry soaps. Please be very mindful of this as we need to create as clean a space as possible for our ceremony time together.

  • I will be holding space for only 8 women to attend each ceremony so please reserve your spot as soon as possible.

Client Gratitude

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