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Let Your Love Feel Like You


Perhaps it is our intimate relationships that are the most important things to us on the planet. We think about them, dream about them, worry about them, obsess about them - they impact us every day - they color our lives. Wouldn't you like to be in a relationship that mirrors who you really are? That defies all the expectations and standards of the culture?

I work with diverse couples all over the world, helping them to navigate the terrain of intimate relationship so that they can find satisfying, loving and authentic ways of relating to one another.  

How Can We Work With You?

Learning to relate is an art. We are taught that we should just know how to do it but this leaves us feeling isolated and alone. We have to be taught how to relate again, how to hear one another - this takes time.

Because relating is an art form that takes time to relearn, I offer couples the best results when I work with in three or six month intensives.

Three-Month & Six-Month Intensives Include:

*Two, couples counseling sessions each month

*Unlimited email access to me

*Check-in’s/suggested homework in between sessions

Three-Month Couples Package
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Six-Month Couples Package
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Happy Clients



I scheduled a couples session with Jen. Typically, after deep coaching work I feel heavy and exhausted but after our session with Jen, I felt lighter and more sure of my footing. I left with the felt knowledge that my partner and I have the love and capacity to grow together through the uncertainty and demands of our lives. I've heard that 1+1=3 in relationships, and Jen summons that magic! My partner and I both reconnected with the authentic affection, admiration, and respect we have for each other and the relationship we are co-creating. I am so grateful for Jen's generosity, brilliance and insight and highly recommend her couples coaching services!  

-Annie Hodges, Boulder Colorado