one-on-one dream work

I am currently in a Dream Work apprenticeship. I am deeply learning about Dream Work and the archetypal dream world. I am honing my Dream Work skills to prepare for taking clients very soon.

I will be taking 5 clients for the month of October, 2019. These five clients need to be ready for a month-long commitment of working their dreams with me. This will allow me to observe the cycles and flow of the dreams over an arc of time.

The fantastic news is, is October will be my apprenticeship month. I will be taking clients at the very low price of $50 for each hour session. If you want to hop on this dream train and have your dreams worked, sign-up now.


Why Are Dreams Important?

Our dreams our are psyche’s way of communicating the Unconscious to us. What are we not aware of? What do we need to become aware of? Why are the dreams bringing us these symbols now, at this time in our life? What feelings are our dreams asking us to feel? What are we ignoring and not paying attention to?

After all the counseling, traditional therapy and Shamanic training I have been through, I have found nothing that compares to the language of our dreams. Each night we receive invaluable information about where we can go, if we so desire. What we can heal and what is possible for us and our relationships. We can be our best selves and see the places we have split off from ourselves. We can heal in the Dream Time. Our dreams never judge us, they only suggest directions - sometimes lightly and sometimes with great vigor and determination.