emotional awakening

Jen is an Emotional Midwife to all of her clients. Jen helps each client birth a new and authentic version of themselves thus creating a new world. Jen walks clients through emotional struggles, traumas, pains and breakthroughs so they can live in remembered joy, clarity and passion.

Membership Packages


Weekly Video Guidance & Support: $27/Month

Receive weekly video guidance and support directly from Jen. You can ask a personal question of your own or sit back and enjoy the questions of others in the group. Either way, you’ll receive emotional clarity that will get you through your week.

*This is a monthly subscription that you can stop or start at any time. Your first 14-days is totally free!


weekly video guidance + Group support: $47/month

Receive personalized weekly video support directly from Jen plus an entire archived video history of invaluable videos made by Jen on varied emotional topics. As well as getting weekly support, you will have access to monthly group calls that include:

  • Sacred Ceremony with Jen

  • Community Connecting

  • Guidance and Support from Jen (one-on-one when the group is small enough)