Hear Everyone & Respect Diversity

Welcome to the movement of H.E.A.R.D - community gatherings where people of all genders (this extends beyond the binary of two genders), races, ages, sexual orientations and economic backgrounds can come together in a truly safe space in order to share their stories and perceptions.

We create spaces where you can be heard by others who may be very different from you. We create spaces where we can all listen to and understand the experience of each other - learning to offer non-judgment and acceptance of our diversity.

By starting on a small scale of understanding the people who we share a direct community with, by risking to be heard by our neighbors and peers, we can begin to change the way we relate to the world - we can offer up love and understanding to the web of all life. 

How does H.E.A.R.D work?


During each community gathering of H.E.A.R.D, we will focus on a different chosen topic for that gathering. One week, we will bring together people of different genders, the next week - people of different races, the next week -  people with different sexual orientations and so on. Each gathering, we will bring together people with different opinions, perspectives and experiences so that everyone has the opportunity to be heard and to listen to others who are different than they are.

In H.E.A.R.D, we will use a system of storytelling and repetition in order to share our unique experiences. Each person participating will have the opportunity to share a portion of their story in regard to the topic of the evening (gender, race, age, sexual orientation, etc). The others who are listening will have the opportunity to repeat a part of each story that stuck out to them. Participants are not allowed to analyze the stories or experiences of others. They are only allowed to listen and repeat the parts of the stories that touch their hearts. In this way, we keep the space safe and free from judgment. In this way, everyone can feel heard and have the opportunity to tune their listening skills to those who differ from them. 

Each gathering, there will be a maximum of six participants. This way, we allow each individual ample time to be heard and to listen to the stories of others. Jen is available to travel to your city/country in order to offer H.E.A.R.D workshops and community sessions. When participants agree, H.E.A.R.D sessions will be recorded so that others all over the world can benefit from the transformative conversations happening in our communities. 


H.E.A.R.D is facilitated by Jen Antill

Jen is a Shamanic Counselor and works with individuals, couples and groups all over the world to help them experience true healing within themselves so they can live lives of freedom. Jen is a caucasian, queer woman who grew up in the Hispanic barrios of central Arizona. Jen is passionate about offering group spaces that feel safe for all to participate in and for all to be heard.

It is not important that we agree with one another. It is only important that we learn to honor the diversity of one another and our planet. Our planet thrives on diversity. As long as we are holding judgment - we judge ourselves. As long as we condemn and make others wrong - we do the same to ourselves. What we experience on the inside, we create on the outside. Often times, when we don't feel heard, we can feel angry, alone and isolated. It is a simple thing, to learn to hear one another, but often times in our western culture we make it complicated and so painful. As we begin to bring healing to feeling heard and to honoring the stories of others, we bring healing to our entire planet.