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Jen is a Shamanic guide, teacher and counselor. Jen's work is to guide you toward awakening so you can come to know who and what you really are. 


Jen specializes in individual and couples counseling, sexuality and gender counseling, community mediation and Shamanic Astrology. 


The Three Pillars of Jen's Work:

Spiritual. Emotional. Relational.

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The Spiritual

We have the power to become and live as our own, very best spiritual guide. We so often give our spiritual authority away to others (counselors, spiritual intuitives, psychics). We can get stuck in the belief that we are less than or that we don't know as much as someone with "spiritual gifts". In order to reclaim our power and our spiritual knowingness, we must learn to quest again - to journey to the answers that we are so hungry to receive. We can learn to access the non-linear knowledge that is endlessly available to us - we can reawaken our "spiritabilities" and become our own best spiritual guides.  

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The Emotional

Most of us are bursting forward with emotion - we feel, we perceive, we want to express, we yearn, we long to be seen, heard, understood and deeply felt. We are taught that our emotions are not valuable - they are useless, a distraction, weak and meaningless. Many of us forget that knowing ourselves means knowing our inner world. When we tend to our inner world and the emotions that live there, we have the opportunity to live with greater clarity, less pain, profound joy and the full expression of who and what we really are. 

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The Relational

When we come to know ourselves - when we build a new foundation of our inner world - it changes the way we relate to others in our lives. Where relationships and community were once our biggest places of wounding and disconnection, we can begin to create relationships based on the truth of who we are that feel balanced, loving and satisfying. We can begin to feel connected again. We can begin to understand and hear one another. We can build relationships that truly feed and nourish us. We can weave a new web and a new world. 



Words of Appreciation

"Jen, I feel like a reborn human since our last conversation. You were truly a life raft in that storm for me. I wish I had other words besides thank you to express what that meant to me. I really feel like I've claimed my wild self - that I understand Her and more of my own Song. I am so grateful to operate from this place of being! I wanted to say how much I know you're holding space for me even when I'm not emailing or talking to you on the phone. I can SO feel it and I often sink into it when I need it. I am so appreciative that you're holding that big big supportive container for me! Thank you!"

-Stephanie Halligan, Boulder, CO