One-on-One Guidance

Helping you learn how to love and accept yourself so you can do the Sacred Work you’re here to do.

  • Feeling isolated and disconnected?

  • Feeling unworthy and less than everyone around you?

  • Always comparing yourself to others?

  • Tired of care taking everyone around you?

  • Expecting others around you to make you feel loved and admired?

  • Attracting needy people into your life?

  • Feeling emotionally drained and exhausted?

  • Feeling overly anxious and flat out depressed?


You Absolutely Don’t Have To Do This Alone


Are You Ready For Your Own Personal Love Revolution?

It takes time and willingness to shift our habitual routines. The way we are used to feeling and thinking is mostly built on habits - habits that don’t serve us. We need help to shift our ways of thinking, our blind beliefs and the ways we continually sabotage ourselves. We need help to see a way out.

Learning to love yourself is often a complete restructuring of your inner world. All the ways that you’ve learned to “cope” and “manage” need to die away so that something authentic can be born. When we restructure our inner world - when we learn to let go of the fears that are holding us in place - we can finally become free.


One-on-One Guidance Includes:

  • 3 or 6 Months of 1:1 Sessions. All sessions are done over ZOOM unless you live in Northern New Mexico. We will arrange the session frequency according to your needs and desires for growth!

  • Daily Access Through “Voxer” Messaging App. Sometimes ya just need more support in-between sessions. I so get that. Voxer is available to all my clients Monday-Friday as a direct line right to me when you’re not in session! This gives invaluable support when you’re really feeling deep “in” it.

  • Astrological guidance during sessions. Using the planets to help us understand our gifts and our unique way is an invaluable tool. We will also look at upcoming transits and progressions to help you prepare for change in your life!

  • Access to bi-monthly Love Revolution Group Calls. During these calls, you will have the opportunity to participate in a 30,000 Peruvian Shamanic Ceremony that guides you back to the essence of your authentic self. You will learn to love yourself through direct experience! You will also get the opportunity to build community with other like-hearted renegades.

  • Video/audio recordings of each of our sessions together so you can go back and listen for the gems you might have missed the first time around.

  • Discounts on Scared Vision In-Person Retreat Days in Northern New Mexico. As part of your deep dive into your healing, being together in-person can be extremely valuable. Come spend a day (or three) with me in ceremony, emotional discovery and unlimited healing. As a thank-you for being a one-on-one client, you will receive a 10% discount on all retreat work.


Get a Feel for My Style


Client Gratitude


“Working with Jen has been a life affirming experience. She gives me space to comfortably speak my process, asks rich and relevant questions that help me go deeper into understanding my way and my emotions, and insightfully reflects back what she hears me say. Jen has accompanied me on a journey of coming home to myself—to my Song—and I am extremely grateful for that.” 

-Rose Paquet, Savannah, Georgia


 “One of the most challenging aspects of life is feeling like you haven’t been seen or heard. Jen has a way of working with her clients so that we are seen, we are heard — and, importantly, the conversation doesn’t feel clinical or prescriptive. Jen’s approach is soul-refreshing, and I truly enjoy her spirit and candor.”

-Kim Bryden, Washington, DC


“I found Jen’s work through one of her blogs (which I loved) where she offered a free shamanic counseling consultation. I came with a very specific intention for healing that I wanted to see if her work would be able to touch. I was delighted that it did and immediately registered for her 6 session counseling package and have been taking my time going though it for the last 6 months. Her work as been invaluable in unraveling some old identity patterns and feeling my way into new relational dynamics with everyone in my life, but particularly with my family of origin. Her skill and intuition gently guided me through some major wounds, which have finally been able to clear, giving me the energy and courage to move forward in many areas of my life.

I am very discerning in choosing practitioners to allow into my inner world and I have found Jen to be skilled, compassionate and wise. She is a Healer’s, Healer. Working with her has reignited my own introspective curiosity to a whole new level and I love sharing energy and space with this powerful, conscious woman. I will keep coming back for sure!"

-Justice Bartlett, Seattle, WA


“I've been working with Jen for about a year and a half now. I originally went to Jen to help me with my anxiety and I have to say that I've tried several other types of therapy before but my sessions with Jen are really the only things that have changed the trajectory of my anxiety. She taught me how to not fight my anxiety. Before, when I had an anxiety attack, I would fight it with all my might and I would be exhausted and it would make be physically ill. I would try to go on the next day like a normal person, even though I was depleted and exhausted emotionally and physically. Jen really taught me that there was a lesson to be learned with each anxiety attack. She challenged me to consider what the worse case scenarios would be and what the beauty underneath my attacks could be.

I've really changed the way I think about my anxiety. When I feel an anxiety attack coming on - which is less and less these days - I kind of lean into it. I know that sounds simple and silly but it wasn't something I was capable of considering before Jen brought it up in our sessions. I'm now able to let myself feel all the feelings of my anxiety attack - not fight it -so they're shorter and less intense. The biggest thing is the next day, I really honor myself with some deep, beautiful self-care. I don't expect myself to be able to hit the ground running in the morning. I now honor that my body, my mind and my emotions have been through a lot and I feed myself nourishing food, read a good book or watch a movie and just take that time to myself, without feeling guilty and without beating myself up. Those are the two biggest things I've taken away from my sessions with Jen."

-Tiphini Axtell, Santa Fe, NM


I am so grateful to Jen for her guidance through one of the most painful and transformative periods of my life. I've been struggling to see what's true and authentic in my life and Jen is consistently an anchor for me when I feel so adrift. I have so much love for Jen."

- Lisa Roach, Santa Fe, NM