The Astrological Low Down on Summer Solstice June 21, 2019: AKA: It's Time for Your Own Personal Spiritual Revolution

As humans on this planet, many of us are hungry to sit beneath the stars and feel connected. We are hungry to know that we’re part of something bigger. We are hungry to feel the Divine within us. Many of us have been taught, however, that in order to be connected to the Divine, we must go through someone else to do so. We must look to the “Spiritual Authorities”. We are taught that the Divine is something we have to earn, prove ourselves to, meditate for and so on.

Many of us learn that there are certain rules to follow if we want to be connected with the Divine. There are behaviors that are acceptable and ones that are not. There are ways to dress, eat, flirt, have sex, shop, decorate, etc. Many of us (even if we have embraced new spiritual practices) are still caught in the right and wrong ways to connect with our Soul. We become trapped in a rigid system when all along, we are searching for freedom.

Freedom is emancipation from dogma - any and all dogma. Freedom is feeling the resonance of our own inner authority. Freedom is protecting our boundaries when we need to. Freedom is the ability to love openly without attachment to the outcome. Freedom is saying “No”. Freedom is saying “Yes”. Freedom is tapping our heart three times (much like clicking our heels) and asking where feels most like Home. Freedom is up to us. Freedom is ours to feel, to have, to know, to quest for, to encounter and to fall in love with.

If you grew up with religious dogma (I certainly did), it’s time to check how that is still controlling your life, your relationships, your spiritual rituals, your sense of your body, your sex life, your relationship with magic and Work and nature. Are there still corners and pockets where we are giving up our power to an almighty teacher, guru, business coach, spiritual mentor, teacher, friend, lover, parent? is this getting in the way of our own relationship with our power and ultimately, the creative Soul that lives in us and expresses through us?


The Low Down on the Solstice Chart: The Sun & Aspects to the Sun


On this particular Summer Solstice, June 21st 2019, the Sun is sitting in the constellation of Gemini in the 12th house.

This placement of the Sun asks us to set forth our unique requests, our questions, our ways of communicating with the realm of the non-linear: our Spirit Homies - putting our prayers into our own words. Writing them down. Speaking them forward. They want to be expressed here, shared, communicated about. This is the time to ask. To begin a two-way communication with the requests of our Soul.

On this Summer Solstice, the Sun is square Chiron in Pisces in the 9th house. This is a time to feel the wounding that has kept us from truly stepping into our true way of being. What has kept us from our identity? What has kept us from authentically shining? Are there tears that needs to be shed here? Is there pain to be felt? What has it felt like to give the power of our own inner Divine away to someone else?

Who gets to say what spirituality actually is? We do. Who gets to claim something as meditative or sacred? We do. We can begin to create our own spiritual realities without any preconceived notion of what that has to be or look like. There does not have to be a metaphorical (or literal) spiritual dress code.

When we exercise the muscles of our way of being with the Divine (however that looks) we become the Spiritual Renegades that we’ve always longed to be. We become the holders of our own spiritual truths and meanings. We become delightfully irreverent. We become playful and unhindered by the heavy rules of what is “RIGHT”.

This Summer Solstice seems to be pointing out areas where we’ve felt small and less then. Where we have begged and groveled for acceptance. There is healing to be had here. There is a re-birth.

Question everything. Your own curiosity will be the most potent medicine. Stay open. Stay curious. Begin to explore what it feels like to not think you’re going to be told you’re wrong or get in trouble. This is the time of liberation. Your own personal spiritual revolution is within you and you are the leader.

*This chart is cast using the Sidereal & Whole House system