It takes time, energy and attention for Jen to make videos for her peeps. As her FB group grows, she is asking participants to consider making a $3 monthly donation to support her work. $3! That's it y'all!

Show some love and support Jen today! And as always, she's SO grateful you're here. Without YOU, none of this would be possible. 

Consider Making A Monthly Donation of Only $3 to Support Jen's FB Group

If you're in Jen's FB group, you most likely LOVE #talkitouttuesday. This is a day when you get to ask a question and Jen answers it with a video made JUST for YOU! It's pretty rad and women have been getting A LOT out of it. It's kind of like your own mini counseling session in ten minutes!

Jen wants to make videos that support women ALL over the world. She wants to answer as many questions every week as possible! She absolutely LOVES doing this for you.