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Purchase Jen's 8-week video course on Toxic Relationship Recovery

If you are tired of engaging in relationships where you feel you are doing ALL the emotional labor, getting small to avoid conflict and finding it impossible to express how you truly feel, then let us dive in! This 8-week video course works for intimate, erotic relationships AND friendships.

Get one video each week sent to your inbox PLUS a worksheet to go along with it. By the end of these 8-weeks together, you are going to feel confident, clear and ready to recognize the signs of relationships that do no serve you.

Week 1: Why You Are Addicted to Feeling Unsafe

Week 2: How to Change Who You're Attracted To (yes you can so hear me out)

Week 3: Dispelling the Notion of Immediate Chemistry

Week 4: How to Notice Safe Relational Behavior

Week 5: Allowing Boredom and Why it is Normal in Safe Relationships

Week 6: Giving Ourselves Other Outlets for Intensity and Danger (trust me on this one)

Week 7: Discovering Our Own Discomfort with Intimacy

Week 8: Learning to Notice and Say What We Need in Relationships


Individual Therapy

Relationship and Intimacy Therapy

I work with women who struggle to find meaningful, long-term relationships. If you have been dating over and over again, in and out of short-term romantic situations, then let's dive in.

Maybe by now you've realized, it's not them, it's me. Maybe you're starting to realize that you need to take a look into yourself and check out the relationship patterns that are keeping you from real depth and intimacy with another person. There is no shame in this. We all need support here.

I help women discover their challenging relational patterns so they can engage in meaningful connections in their lives. I help women understand the part they play in dysfunctional relationship dynamics and how to find partners that are interested in real relating.

Individual Therapy Logistics

I offer our first therapy session ON THE HOUSE. Finding a therapist that you love is no small feat, I want to make sure we're a good fit. After that, the cost of individual therapy is $170 for 60-minute sessions. All sessions are done virtually unless you live in Northern New Mexico.

Couples Therapy

If you're a couple who is questioning whether or not they should be together, let's chat. Feeling uncertain about your relationship is destabilizing and ungrounding. I help couples navigate successful separations or, teach them how to recommit to their partnerships with deeper love and understanding of one another. 

Couples Therapy

Do We Need Couples Therapy?

The short answer is yes. Every couple needs couples therapy and yes, I am absolutely biased. We need relational support because NONE OF US were taught how to do this. If you have been questioning your relationship and wondering if you even love this crazy person you are doing life with anymore, then let's chat. I want you to have total clarity in your couple. Our therapy together will help the both of you leave your relationship with the skills and tools you need to navigate separation, or the ability to reengage in your relationship with renewed commitment to one another.  

Jen's Experience & Training

I always like to be upfront with my clients about my own, personal relationship experience. I have been with my wife since 2012 and we have been married since 2022. My wife and I have been in couples therapy together since 2018. We use it every month so as to keep a sacred space open to talk with someone else about our relationship. Having my own experience (as a client) in couples therapy has added immensely to my own expertise as a couples therapist.

I have been training with Terry Real and the Relational Life Institute since 2023 and am working toward become a certified RLT therapist under Terry's program. Relational Life Therapy is a form of couples therapy that emphasizes dismantling the patriarchal relational models that we all swim inside of and ultimately, guides us to move from thinking individually to thinking relationally. 

Couples Therapy Logistics

I offer your first couples session to you ON THE HOUSE. This is to ensure that we are a good fit to work together. I want your couple to have the best shot you can have and that means finding the right therapist. After that, the cost of couples therapy is $150 for 60-minute sessions. All therapy sessions will be conducted virtually unless you live in Northern New Mexico or you come to a couples intensive retreat on my farm. 

Praise For Jen's Therapy

"I had the privilege of working with Jen, whose unwavering dedication and empathetic approach significantly impacted my personal growth and well-being.

Her attentiveness was evident from our first session, where she actively listened to my concerns and created a safe space for vulnerability. Throughout our time together, she remained engaged and thoughtful in her responses. What set her apart was her ability to challenge me gently and respectfully, pushing me to explore deeper layers of my emotions and perspectives.

I've seen several therapists throughout my life - some great, some not so great - and what was most meaningful to me in my experience with Jen is that she created a judgment-free environment, allowing me to trust her and share my thoughts and feelings without reservation. I am immensely grateful for her expertise, compassion, and the positive impact she has had on my personal development." - Sam Urisote, NYC

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“Jen has created the space for me to explore my relationship with myself in deeper, more expansive and freeing ways than I thought was possible.

I’ve been trained through quite a bit of emotional intelligence leadership and coaching experiences prior to finding Jen yet I had never found someone who could support me in creating such an authentic, open and welcoming place inside myself that validates and embraces how I view life.

She supports me in my ongoing exploration of my journey from a lens that brings deep wisdom and possibility. This lens helps me meet my life and build relationships from a place that feels whole and true to who I am. I cannot recommend her more!” - Allie Armitage, Santa Fe, NM

“I cannot thank you enough for your authentic guidance and genuine compassion.

Because of you, I’m in the midst of an incredibly profound awakening - finally experiencing my true self and hearing my own voice! You are one cool cat with CRAZY talent!” - Tyler Vandenburg, Dallas, TX

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"Through sessions with Jen, my life has changed.

My deepest core self has been seen, validated--even those beautiful gems in the shadows within that I didn't know how to express, were revealed with her. I walk more confidently in how I have been kissed by the stars and planets, in the wheel of time. I am more excited to develop my gifts and overcome my challenges because my self-doubt, confusion and shame were removed by our sessions. I cannot recommend her enough! Give yourself the gift of knowing yourself more with this magnificent, heart-centered space holder." - Megan Wyld, Wenatchee, WA