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Self-Employed Outlaws

A Shamanic Approach to Work and Money

If we want to truly live our path and purpose on this planet, there can be a lot of cultural conditioning that gets in the way of that. We can feel an incredible amount of fear, unworthiness and panic (to put it lightly) when we try and go out on our own, make money for ourselves and begin to create clients that believe in us and the work we're doing. It can feel like we're rolling that boulder up the hill without ever reaching the top. We can watch Tony Robbins on YouTube, we can listen to the Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast and we can read The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. All of these things are great, but they don't help us heal the root of our unworthiness - they don't help us feel empowered no matter what amount of money is in our bank account. 

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I've written (and illustrated) a book that is going to help you rebuild your true worth and value from the ground up - from the inside out. My book is a guide to help you find the work that truly fits you - your gifts and your way. It's exhausting to try and cram our sacred work into someone else's rules and expectations. It's unfulfilling and unsatisfying. It is for sure, unsustainable. 

I've been self-employed since 2015. I've had some amazing moments and some super real and raw moments. I filed for bankruptcy at the age of 31. I have lived with zero to little money for weeks at a time. I have house sat, traded services for goods, visioned, meditated, had countless sessions with my guide and counselor around working with money in new ways, been angry at myself and been accepting of myself. I've searched on Craigslist for jobs, spent evenings serving tables at restaurants and then quit the next day - I've given up and started over and over and over again. I've kept going. I've kept believing in myself even when the amount of money in my bank account would indicate that I'm totally failing. 

I love being self-employed. I love the freedom. I love the independence. I love the creativity. I love the self-reflection it calls out of me. I love so many things about it - so many things, that I'm willing to go through hard times financially in order to continue exploring what it looks like to dive into the unknown. Are you with me?

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Self-Employed Outlaws - 

A Shamanic Approach to Work and Money

Self-Employed Outlaws will be published by Awake Press - a small publishing company founded by Jen Antill.