Shamanic Counseling with Jen

Jen works with people around any and every subject but specializes in sexuality and gender counseling, addictions, life transitions, path and purpose counseling and relationship guidance.

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How Will Shamanic Counseling Change My Life?

  • You will emerge from our sessions as a new human - you will feel connected to parts of yourself that you thought were long forgotten and lost. You will feel as though you have come back in to yourself, like you have come home.

  • You will emerge feeling empowered in your decision-making abilities and clear about your life's vision and purpose. 

  • You will feel more joy, happiness and contentment then you've most likely felt in your entire life. 
  • You will be free of negative emotional patterns like anxiety, depression and lack of self-worth. 
  • You will no longer be interested in addictive relationships that are keeping you stuck in unwanted patterns. 
  • You will be able to trust yourself on a deep level. Your knowledge and acceptance of yourself and YOUR way will grow exponentially. 
  • You will experience more robust health in your physical body - you will feel more awakened and alive. 
  • You will begin to attract relationships and situations that truly serve you and your life's purpose. 
  • You will know and experience Unconditional Love in your life. 
  • You will feel genuinely connected to the greater web of life, the Spirit world and Divine Creator. 

Jen Uses Unique Tools In Sessions Like...

  • Guided Shamanic ceremony to offer you experiential healing and learning
  • Shamanic exercises to guide you in-between sessions
  • Shamanic Counseling techniques that are refreshingly different from conventional therapy
  • Shamanic Astrology to help you understand the cycles of your life as well as your gifts that want to emerge
  • Unique Spiritual perspectives that will broaden and challenge your in-place belief systems


"Jen has created the space for me to explore my relationship with myself in deeper, more expansive and freeing ways than I thought was possible. I've been trained through quite a bit of Emotional Intelligence, leadership, coaching experiences prior to finding Jen yet I had never found someone who could support me in creating such an authentic, open, and welcoming place inside of myself that validates and embraces how I view life. She supports me in my ongoing exploration of my journey from a lens that brings deep wisdom and possibility, and helps me meet my life and build relationships from a place that feels whole and true to who I am. I can't recommend her more!"

- Allie Armitage, Washington, DC -



  • Package of 3 Sessions: $399 *save $51* (Must use within 3 months)

  • package of 6 sessions: $699 *SAVE $99* (Must use within 5 months)

  • package of 9 sessions:$1047 *save $150* (Must use within 7 months)

**Payment plans ARE available for clients in need.**

You can purchase a one-time session if you've never worked with Jen before!

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Shamanic Counseling Is For You If...

  • You're committed to the process of awakening to your true self
  • You are done with old, limiting patterns and habits that have been with you for a really long time
  • You are ready to hear some honest truth about how your way of interacting with yourself and the world has not been working for you
  • You're ready to embrace the gifts you have to bring to yourself and others
  • You're ready to feel into some deep, limiting emotional patterns and let them free
  • You're ready to call in new ways or relating to yourself that maymake you uncomfortable
  • You're hungry for true connection and emotional freedom like you've never before experienced
  • You're ready to be your own inner guide and authority
  • You want to take responsibility for your life and your emotions

Are You In?

When you decide to work with Jen it means you're in a sacred process together. Jen will be 100% in your waking up journey with you. She's your guide, your resource, your teacher and she's got your back. Jen cares deeply about all her clients and will offer you a safe container to explore yourself to the fullest.

Satisfied Clients

"I found Jen’s work through one of her blogs (which I loved) where she offered a free shamanic counseling consultation.  I came with a very specific intention for healing that I wanted to see if her work would be able to touch. I was delighted that it did and immediately registered for her 6 session counseling package and have been taking my time going though it for the last 6 months. Her work as been invaluable in unraveling some old identity patterns and feeling my way into new relational dynamics with everyone in my life, but particularly with my family of origin. Her skill and intuition gently guided me through some major wounds, which have finally been able to clear, giving me the energy and courage to move forward in many areas of my life.
I am very discerning in choosing practitioners to allow into my inner world and I have found Jen to be skilled, compassionate and wise. She is a Healer’s, Healer. Working with her has reignited my own introspective curiosity to a whole new level and I love sharing energy and space with this powerful, conscious woman. I will keep coming back for sure!"

-Justice Bartlett, Seattle, WA

"I've been working with Jen for about a year and a half now. I originally went to Jen to help me with my anxiety and I have to say that I've tried several other types of therapy before but my sessions with Jen are really the only things that have changed the trajectory of my anxiety. She taught me how to not fight my anxiety. Before, when I had an anxiety attack, I would fight it with all my might and I would be exhausted and it would make be physically ill. I would try to go on the next day like a normal person, even though I was depleted and exhausted emotionally and physically. Jen really taught me that there was a lesson to be learned with each anxiety attack. She challenged me to consider what the worse case scenarios would be and what the beauty underneath my attacks could be. 
I've really changed the way I think about my anxiety. When I feel an anxiety attack coming on - which is less and less these days - I kind of lean into it. I know that sounds simple and silly but it wasn't something I was capable of considering before Jen brought it up in our sessions. I'm now able to let myself feel all the feelings of my anxiety attack - not fight it -so they're shorter and less intense. The biggest thing is the next day, I really honor myself with some deep, beautiful self-care. I don't expect myself to be able to hit the ground running in the morning. I now honor that my body, my mind and my emotions have been through a lot and I feed myself nourishing food, read a good book or watch a movie and just take that time to myself, without feeling guilty and without beating myself up. Those are the two biggest things I've taken away from my sessions with Jen."
-Tiphini Axtell, Santa Fe, NM

"I am so grateful to Jen for her guidance through one of the most painful and transformative periods of my life. I've been struggling to see what's true and authentic in my life and Jen is consistently an anchor for me when I feel so adrift. I have so much love for Jen."

- Lisa Roach, Santa Fe, NM