Advanced Planetary Relations

A 5-week online course of intimate relating with the planets


Your ears perk up at gatherings when people talk about their Sun sign. You follow all the astrological social media accounts and listen to the astrological YouTube channels. You pull charts for your friends. People ask you if you’re an astrologer. Maybe you’ve even given your family a couple of readings. You’re obsessed with your own chart. The first question you ask your potential lover is, “When is your birthday?”

Let’s face it. You’re bound to become an astrologer. It’s only a matter of time. MAYBE, you’ve even taken Star School Level I. (Hint, hint)

Perhaps you just need some more support — some true deepening into the planets and their relationships together so that you feel fully confident in the readings you are going to put out into the world.


In Star School Level II, we get out of our heads and start feeling the planets in relationship to one another.

Star School Level I is the authentic and highly unique foundation you need to begin reading charts. If you haven’t taken Level I, you can check out that course right now.

Star School Level II, however, is going to deepen your already existing astrological practice, as well as, bring everything you learned in Level I, into clear focus.

Who Is Star School Level II For?

If you have already taken Star School Level I, then you are definitely going to want to deepen your astrological practice by jumping into Level II.

Star School Level II is also for those of you who have been studying and practicing astrology elsewhere — for those of you who already have the astrological foundations beneath your feet. If you know the general meaning of the planets, houses and signs but want to deepen your practice, this is the perfect place for you to dive in.


Let’s take a peek into what you’re
going to be learning in Star School II:


Module 1 : The Sun

• The Sun and its relationship to the other planets
• How the Sun affects the other planets based on its aspect to them

Module 2: The Moon

• The Moon and its relationship to the other planets
• How the Moon affects the other planets based on its aspect to them


Module 3 : Mars + Venus

• Mars + Venus and their relationship to the other planets
• How Mars + Venus affect the other planets based on their aspects to them

Module 4 : Mercury + Jupiter

• Mercury + Jupiter and their relationship to the other planets
• How Mercury + Jupiter affect the other planets based on their aspects to them


Module 5 : Saturn + Uranus + Neptune + Pluto + Chiron

• Saturn + Uranus + Neptune + Pluto + Chiron and their relationship to the other planets
• How Saturn + Uranus + Neptune + Pluto + Chiron affect the other planets based on their aspects to them

Here's what's up...

Every time two planets connect, they form an intimate relationship. How do the Sun and Venus interact? What about the Moon and Pluto? What about the wild pairing of Neptune and Mars? These intimate flavors make the whole chart speak and come to life. Think about advanced planetary relations as couples therapy with the planets. We are going to learn how two planets that are so different, can work together and how two planets that are so complimentary, can make astrological magic.

After Star School Level II, you will be able to:

  • orange-sun

    Focus on, what I believe to be, the most important piece of a chart reading (the planetary relationships)

  • orange-sun

    Ease into readings with clarity and confidence

  • orange-sun

    Come to know the planets even deeper, so that charts truly come alive

  • orange-sun

    Offer readings that are more accurate than ever

  • orange-sun

    Offer your clients the gift of truly feeling seen

What’s In Store for You in Star School Level II:

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    Each week, you’re going to have 1 video module released to you along with along with a workbook to deepen your practice.

  • red-sun

    At the end of this 5-weeks, you’ll be eligible to receive an Advanced Astrologer Certification.

  • red-sun

    You’ll be legit.

what my clients say

Noémi Levilla

"Before starting Star School, I just saw a circle with a bunch of lines in it when I looked at a chart. I had never heard about sidereal astrology before and didn't even know what a rising sign was.

I just felt a deep curiosity and knew immediately that this is a course worth taking. Now after finishing Star School Level I successfully, the whole chart has come alive! I understand the essence of it all, what each element means on its own and how to put it all together. 

Jen was super supportive and there for us on the whole journey, feeding us with knowledge and answers, calming our insecurities when needed and cheering us on with her quirky being. I love the way Jen teaches and how she structures her courses. What Jen gave us was more than basic knowledge about astrology, I’ve learned a lot about myself, about trauma, dedication, trusting my feelings and even business. I am super grateful for this valuable knowledge and are looking forward to Star School Level II!"


“I absolutely adore the opportunity to do Astrology Sessions with Jen.

I first had my chart read with her last year and during the reading, I was blown away by her focus, and pertinent knowledge of the chart aspects but most of all, her powerful and grounded counsel. I knew at that moment I wanted to work with her in a deeper capacity during monthly sessions. She has an uncanny ability to ask the perfect questions and allow me to come to my own conclusions, almost as if she is holding the lantern ahead of me on the path with illuminating guidance. There is no judgement, just perfectly held space all while drawing me deeper into the Soul Work I came to do! The work is not easy, but I love how Jen challenges me in the most loving and supportive ways so that I can dive deeper into my patterns and gain a deeper understanding of my role here on earth. I am so thankful she is in my life and shares her beautiful light for all of us to bask in! ”


Jessica Baca Personal Photograph
Daniel Halligan Personal Photograph

“With Jen I got much more than just an astrology reading.

“With Jen I got much more than just an astrology reading. Her tenderness and our connection during the reading was palpable, which led me to feel safe enough to open up fully and release the burdens I had been shouldering. I feel like I learned about myself, what lessons and gifts I have and why, and I felt like I understood life more. It’s a beautiful thing.”


“Just thinking about my reading with Jen gives me chills.

“Just thinking about my reading with Jen gives me chills. Her level of knowledge, depth, insight and above all passion for her gift – and it is a gift — moved me as much as what i learned from the reading itself. She gave me time, space, and the loving support i needed to listen and ask my questions and feel my feelings. By the end of the reading, I felt blessed and held. Receiving these things were gifts that unfold and enrich my inner world months later.”


Beth Lee Personal Photograph

Okay, real talk.

Here’s a hot astrological tip from me to you:


When I started to focus on planetary relationships in my client’s charts, my readings went to a whole new level.

My client’s started feeling deeply SEEN.

When the planetary archetypes come alive, so does the chart. This changes everything.

This focus in readings took me from being a basic astrologer, to an astrologer on fire — an astrologer that people began to tell their friends and family about.

Join us for Level II from anywhere in the world. Become a badass astrologer from the comfort of your own home.

What you will receive during your 5 weeks with me:


5 Video Modules

These video trainings will be released every week, beginning on July 26th, insuring that you can work at your own pace while also being held accountable. These videos will be full of everything you need to become a successful Astrologer. These videos will be yours to keep and cherish for the rest of your life.

Weekly Workbooks

Each week, you will receive a workbook to accompany the video trainings you receive. These workbooks will allow you to integrate the material you are learning, both in your own birth chart and in the charts of your clients. You will receive invaluable, personalized feedback from me in each workbook that will deepen your strengths as an astrologer.

1 Group Live Q & A Call

We will gather together as a group to go through questions that arise from the course material. Our live Q & A session will be recorded. If you cannot make it live, you will have access to the recording.

Unlimited Email Access

Throughout our 5 weeks together, you will have access to myself via email. Here, you can ask questions when they arise, and receive support.

A Certificate of Completion

At the end of our 5-weeks together, you will receive a certificate of completion that states your participation in and completion of Star School Level II..

what my clients say

“Jen’s readings, for myself and my family, were both eye opening and deeply affirming about my path in the world and my journey as a mom and wife.

Before her readings, there was always that questioning about whether I was taking the right steps, moving in the right direction. But, after Jen spent her time carefully going over what she uncovered, I had a sense of clarity that I had not felt in a long time. I HIGHLY recommend you take advantage of an astrology reading from Jen, her professional yet thoughtful and nurturing approach is unmatched!”


Rubina Cohen Personal Photograph
Kerrie Martin Personal Photograph

“Diving into astrology readings with Jen has been soulful and affirming

We’ve had several heartfelt sessions together and each time, another gem is uncovered that assists me on my journey. She was instrumental in supporting a major life decision to move from Washington, DC to the mountains of Colorado. Jen has the capacity to prepare and hold a sacred container for exploration and offer guidance and interpretation around that which comes forward.”


“I’ve had my chart read by numerous folks over 4 decades.

Why so many? Because I kept trying to make sense of what they were saying and how it related to who I felt I was. Parts resonated, but I kept thinking, maybe this time I will get the insight I know is there. Then I had my geocentric and heliocentric charts done by Jen, using the Sidereal system. Eureka! I finally saw myself mirrored and validated, heard and felt what I had been searching for. I was able to use that immediately in my life to help heal an issue that had stumped me for all those decades.”


Cathy Hope Personal Photograph