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Becoming a Sidereal Astrologer

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What if you could finally dive into meaningful Work, while also creating a thriving side hustle?

Yes, it’s possible to do Work that you love AND make money.
How do I know?
Cause I’m doing it.
It’s not a far away fantasy or dream. It’s here, at your doorstep.
We need grounded, compassionate Astrologers in this time, like never before.

It can be you.
You can step into the Work you're here to do.


Becoming an astrologer in Star School, means that we first do our own inner work.

Inner work informs the role we hold as an astrologer. We can only take our clients as far as we have gone ourselves. Inner awareness and transformation is part of the agreement throughout this course. Becoming an astrologer in Star School, means that we let each session change us in some way. That change ripples out to our clients and to the world. From confusion and despair, we create gold, we create transformation, we learn to hold emotions and transmute them with deep witnessing. The process of astrology is alive, invoking continuous presence and immediacy.

Let me introduce myself...

Hola. I'm Jen - Astrological Counselor to women all over the world.

I got my first astrology reading when I was 13 years old. I poured over the handwritten reading, letting every word resonate within me, finding answers that I had long been searching for. I felt seen. I finally felt witnessed. I felt like my Soul had been tenderly peered into and I wanted more.

Fast forward to ten years later and i finally started studying astrology. Every week, I drove to astrology class and absorbed as much information as I could. I fell in love with this way of looking at the world.

Like a true entrepreneur, I started giving astrology readings before I was ready. The first readings I ever did fell flat. I tried to force the meaning for others. I didn’t understand how to put it all together. I felt like I should have the right answers to people’s deepest questions.

My readings felt contrived and hollow. I didn’t feel confident enough to charge money for my readings and I definitely didn’t know how to turn astrology into a supportive financial endeavor for myself.


But my love for astrology persisted...

I began to study more. I started studying Shamanic Astrology and ancient ways of connecting with the planets. I began to feel more and think less. I began to learn how to use my intuition while doing readings. I learned how to hold space for my clients. I began to feel comfortable doing readings, they started to resonate with people and my side hustle turned into a thriving business.

Today, I am fully self-employed (since 2015) and make my living offering Astrology Readings and Alchemical Counseling Sessions. I have clients all over the world — from Sweden to Budapest to Australia to Dallas, Texas. I’ve got a diverse crew. The readings I give have been life-changing for people, empowering, affirming and resonant. My readings no longer fall flat but give life and breath to my clients. Astrology has become a collaborative process between me, my clients and the planets.

We all work together to create Magic.

If it’s possible for me to do, then it’s possible for you.

I want to show you how to dive into meaningful Work — Work that you love and that offers a profound Service to others — while also, making money from it.

Pull out that journal you have by your bedside girl (I know it’s there). I’ve got some prompts for you and it’s about to get real:

  • orange-sun

    I’m intuitive but I don’t fully trust my intuition because…

  • orange-sun

    I want to work for myself but…

  • orange-sun

    Meaningful Work is nice, but…

  • orange-sun

    I’ve always loved astrology, tarot and divination, but I just haven’t…

  • orange-sun

    Of course I want to study astrology but…

  • orange-sun

    Everyone always told me that astrology…

  • orange-sun

    In order to be responsible and take care of my family, I have to…

  • orange-sun

    What I should be spending money on is…

Real Talk.

The answers to the above questions, are most likely the negative voices in your head. Sometimes they are freaking convincing. But honestly, and I don’t think I have to tell you this, these voices will hold you BACK. These voices will pull you down into a dark spiral. I don’t want that for you. Journal with them here and now. Release them and move on with your life.

What if you could leave the negative voices behind and step into your Calling?


  • orange-sun

    You get to devote time every week to studying something you love. You carve out and create this time for yourself — time that is just for you, uninterrupted and blissful.

  • orange-sun

    You get to understand the patterns and cycles of your life. You get to put meaning and significance to the events of your life. You start to feel clarity in your life.

  • orange-sun

    You get to engage in satisfying Work in the world — offering a service that will change people’s lives.

  • orange-sun

    You get to pull back on Work that doesn’t feed your Soul and nourish you.

  • orange-sun

    You get to make money doing something that you love and that feels deeply satisfying.

  • orange-sun

    You get to create a relationship with something bigger than yourself — you get to connect with nature and The Cosmos.

  • orange-sun

    You begin to understand the larger patterns of our world — world events, news — you can begin to comment and make sense of the chaos and confusion that so often plagues our world.


Even if you’ve NEVER picked up an astrology book in your life…

Star School starts at the beginning — teaching you how to read a chart from the ground up. Even if you’ve studied astrology before, you will be learning how to connect with the planets on a Shamanic level as well as Archetypally. This will be different than any class you’ve ever taken.

Even if your life already feels full…

Star School offers you the ability to go at your own pace and craft your studies around the fullness of your life. At the same time, Star School keeps you accountable, making sure you reach your goals of being a badass astrologer.

Even if you’re not sure you can make money being an astrologer…

Not only will Star School offer you the tools you need to create meaningful Work for yourself, but it will offer you real tools on how to create a thriving side hustle. I have been self-employed since 2015 and have my first book coming out in 2021: Self-Employed Outlaws. This is my realm, girl! We are going to dive deep into the tangible process of creating your own business. You deserve to be financially supported and compensated for your gifts. No apologies. No excuses.

what my students say


“Jen creates such a deep, comfortable space to explore astrology.

Something I love about her as a teacher is the way she invites each person's unique meaning-making, interpretation and understanding of the stars. She empowers us to develop our own relationship with them, which offers rich insight and awareness that sinks in bone deep and stays with me well beyond class. If you're curious about astrology, I highly recommend taking class with Jen!"  Allie Armitage: Santa Fe, New Mexico

“I've learned more about who I am and how I am on this planet

through my astrology work with Jen than any other modality. Jen has helped me discover, name and embody aspects of my nature that felt too subtle to name — or too weird to embrace. It's a magical feeling to be able to walk through the world as I am meant to and identify what aspects of myself are lighting up in my chart. Jen is an elegant guide and the chart is such an empowering, fun tool!" Stephanie Halligan: Boulder, Colorado


“Jen's vision, view, and way of speaking about astrological material resonates with me deeply.

I've had sooooooo many readings (so many great ones!) and Jen's reading felt top-of-the-mountain, on point for me. It was affirming in the ways I needed, so clear, so supportive and celebratory of my nature and the truth of my being. I received guidance that I can use in how to walk with the ways that I'm naturally influenced by the cosmos! All that, and I felt safe to share the truth of my heart with Jen, the truth of my experience in all its grit and beauty.  I felt deeply seen, held, and honored by Jen." Maitreya Wolf, Portland, Oregon

Let’s take a peek into what you’re going to be learning in Star School:


Laying the Foundation

  • The lineage of Sidereal Astrology and why we use it

  • Understanding house systems

  • Beginning your personal practice for connecting with our Solar System

  • Making meaning of the role of “Astrologer” in our culture and in your life

  • Creating Intention and Sacred Space for your studies

The Personal Planets

  • he Personal Planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus we will explore the meaning and myth of each planet

  • Prompts and invitations to explore the personal planets in your own birth chart

  • Meditations to guide your connection with each planet


The Outer Planets

  • The Outer Planets: Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto we will explore the meaning and myth of each planet

  • Prompts and invitations to explore the personal planets in your own birth chart

  • Meditations to guide your connection with each planet


  • We will explore the cyclical nature of the constellations and how each constellation informs and impacts the other



  • The twelve houses and their meaning

  • Exploring the cosmology of why your clients may have a concentration of planets in certain parts of the chart and empty spaces in others

Crucial Aspects + Asteroids

  • Exploring Chiron — the Wounded Healer

  • The Ascendent, Descendant, Midheaven and IC

  • The North and South Node: The Nodes of Destiny


The Aspects + Putting It All Together

  • Learn how to interpret a conjunction, a square, an opposition and a trine

  • Practice putting the planets + constellations + houses together

  • Real time examples of charts and how to “interpret” the chart as a whole

  • Learning to use your intuition to read a chart and moving through blocks of confusion and discomfort

Transits, Progressions + Retrogrades

  • Exploring how to work with current transits and progressions

  • Understanding the phases of transits and how it impacts your current phase of life

  • How to use transits and progressions to understand the narrative of your own life

  • Understanding retrograde planets


Becoming a Radical Witness

  • Getting clear on what makes space truly safe

  • Debunking the myth of the Astrologer as the “fortune-teller”

  • What to do when a client wants “the answers”

  • Understanding how to empower clients in sessions

  • Learning to hear and deeply witness your clients

  • Healing ruptures when they happen in sessions

Becoming Trauma Informed Astrologers

  • Holding space for trauma when and if it arises in sessions with clients

  • Tools for navigating trauma within your clients

  • Dealing with your own triggers and trauma if they come up during a session

  • Understanding the role of transference and countertransference in sessions


Creating the Structure of Your Practice

  • Creating a container for your sessions getting clear on what kind of container works for you (in-person, online, outside, ritual for your sessions, etc)

  • The boundary of time

  • Creating time and space for your astrology practice amidst your busy life

  • Pricing your readings

  • Setting up practice sessions with your fellow students

  • Releasing guilt around offering “spiritual work” and charging money for it

From Conflict to Confidence

  • Working with self-doubt and negative self-talk

  • What to do when a client is unhappy with their reading

  • Dealing with cancellations, no-shows and clients who are late

  • Navigating clients who think your prices are “too-high”

  • Dealing with responses from your friends and family about becoming an Astrologer


what my clients say

Jessica Baca Personal Photograph

“I absolutely adore the opportunity to do Astrology Sessions with Jen.

I first had my chart read with her last year and during the reading, I was blown away by her focus, and pertinent knowledge of the chart aspects but most of all, her powerful and grounded counsel. I knew at that moment I wanted to work with her in a deeper capacity during monthly sessions. She has an uncanny ability to ask the perfect questions and allow me to come to my own conclusions, almost as if she is holding the lantern ahead of me on the path with illuminating guidance. There is no judgement, just perfectly held space all while drawing me deeper into the Soul Work I came to do! The work is not easy, but I love how Jen challenges me in the most loving and supportive ways so that I can dive deeper into my patterns and gain a deeper understanding of my role here on earth. I am so thankful she is in my life and shares her beautiful light for all of us to bask in! ” JESSIE BACA: SANTA FE, NM

“With Jen I got much more than just an astrology reading.

“With Jen I got much more than just an astrology reading. Her tenderness and our connection during the reading was palpable, which led me to feel safe enough to open up fully and release the burdens I had been shouldering. I feel like I learned about myself, what lessons and gifts I have and why, and I felt like I understood life more. It’s a beautiful thing.” DANIEL HALLIGAN: SEATTLE, WA

Daniel Halligan Personal Photograph
Beth Lee Personal Photograph

“Just thinking about my reading with Jen gives me chills.

“Just thinking about my reading with Jen gives me chills. Her level of knowledge, depth, insight and above all passion for her gift – and it is a gift — moved me as much as what i learned from the reading itself. She gave me time, space, and the loving support i needed to listen and ask my questions and feel my feelings. By the end of the reading, I felt blessed and held. Receiving these things were gifts that unfold and enrich my inner world months later.” BETH LEE: SANTA FE, NM


Real Talk.

What if you could leave the negative voices behind and step into your Calling?

  • orange-sun

    Star School is unlike any other astrology program you will find. Star School combines the practice of Shamanic Astrology and Archetypal Astrology — offering you a truly unique take on the Cosmos. In Star School, you will learn not only how to connect with the planets as the Ancient Beings they are, but you will also learn how to relate the story and mythology of the planet to your own journey.

  • orange-sun

    Star School offers you the opportunity to engage in meaningful Work. This is the kind of Work that changes Souls, which changes the world. This is the kind of Work that shifts ancestral patterns, igniting healing that ripples out for lifetimes.

  • orange-sun

    Star School is not just about learning astrology, it’s also about healing yourself in the process. We can only guide others as far as we, ourselves, have gone. Star School gives you the personal tools you need to hold your center in sessions while reflecting deeply on the processof your own life.

  • orange-sun

    When you enroll in Star School, you enter into an Alchemical Business Course. Learning astrology is wonderful and useful, but as humans who need and want to move away from corporate models of work, we also need to be able to support ourselves. Star School will give you the confidence and tools you need to make your astrological practice a thriving side hustle.

What you get in the 6 months:


Live Weekly Trainings

Each week we will dive into live astrological training, using your own chart + the chart of your fellow students so you can learn astrology and put it into practice in real time.


Each week, you will receive a workbook to accompany that week's lesson. Your workbook will further your studies throughout the week and offer you more training in between live classes.

Breakout Room Practice

Each week you will have the opportunity to meet with your fellow cohort members and give astrological insight about one another's charts. Not only will this help you put your skills into immediate practice, it will help you grow close and lasting connections with fellow astrologers.

Consistent Email Access

Throughout our 6 months together, you will have access to your fellow students and myself via email. Here, you can ask questions when they arise, receive support and set-up “practice readings” with your peers.

A Certificate of Completion

At the end of our 6 months together, you will receive a certificate of completion that states your are certified as a Western Sidereal Astrologer.

Check out these rad bonuses


9 Shamanic Planetary Meditations:

You will receive 9 different meditations for each planet you are studying. These meditations will guide you to feel into and create your own, personal relationship with each planet - outside of anything a book, blog or video can tell you.

9 Planetary Musical Invocations

You will receive original musical compositions, written and sung by Jen for each of the nine planets. Each musical composition, will invoke the feeling and essence of the current planet you are studying. As you sing along with, or simply listen to this invocation, you will learn to listen, feel and embody the planets on alchemical and tangible levels.

what my clients say

“Jen’s readings, for myself and my family, were both eye opening and deeply affirming about my path in the world and my journey as a mom and wife.

Before her readings, there was always that questioning about whether I was taking the right steps, moving in the right direction. But, after Jen spent her time carefully going over what she uncovered, I had a sense of clarity that I had not felt in a long time. I HIGHLY recommend you take advantage of an astrology reading from Jen, her professional yet thoughtful and nurturing approach is unmatched!” RUBINA COHEN: SANTA FE, NM

Rubina Cohen Personal Photograph
Kerrie Martin Personal Photograph

“Diving into astrology readings with Jen has been soulful and affirming

We’ve had several heartfelt sessions together and each time, another gem is uncovered that assists me on my journey. She was instrumental in supporting a major life decision to move from Washington, DC to the mountains of Colorado. Jen has the capacity to prepare and hold a sacred container for exploration and offer guidance and interpretation around that which comes forward.” KERRIE MARTIN: ASPEN, CO

“I’ve had my chart read by numerous folks over 4 decades.

Why so many? Because I kept trying to make sense of what they were saying and how it related to who I felt I was. Parts resonated, but I kept thinking, maybe this time I will get the insight I know is there. Then I had my geocentric and heliocentric charts done by Jen, using the Sidereal system. Eureka! I finally saw myself mirrored and validated, heard and felt what I had been searching for. I was able to use that immediately in my life to help heal an issue that had stumped me for all those decades.” CATHY HOPE: EL RITO, NM

Cathy Hope Personal Photograph

Registration for star school is now open

Registration closes on May 29, 2022!
Use the form below to email us and set up a time to chat with Jen about Star School.

Yes! I'm Interested in Star School...

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There’s a lot of shady astrologers out there my friends and honestly, sometimes Astrologers do a lot of harm to their clients. There are those Astrologers who paint “doom-and-gloom” pictures of the planets, Astrologers who tell people who they are and what they should do, Astrologers who instill fear in their clients, Astrologers who hold a dogmatic agenda for the session, Astrologers who give textbook answers…there are all kinds of bad Astrologers out there.

That’s not what we’re doing here.

Instead of doing bad astrology, we’re doing badass astrology.


Star School creates Astrologers who…

  • orange-sun

    Know how to truly empower their clients

  • orange-sun

    Understand the light and shadow aspect of every planet

  • orange-sun

    Learn how to let clients lead the way to their own destiny

  • orange-sun

    Bring an astrology of transformation + hope to the table

  • orange-sun

    Have done deep, inner work themselves

  • orange-sun

    Are trauma-informed

  • orange-sun

    Know how to use their intuition in sessions

  • orange-sun

    Know how to truly create safe spaces for healing

  • orange-sun

    Understand that true astrology comes from the heart, not the head

  • orange-sun

    Are familiar with how to use the planets as guides, friends and partners in their readings

  • orange-sun

    Know how to create supportive boundaries in their practice

  • orange-sun

    Are able to make money from their Sacred Work without feeling guilty

  • orange-sun

    Are confident and competent in their craft

Burning Questions? I’ve Got Answers…

What if I don’t know anything about astrology?
Star School prepares you to be an Astrologer from the ground up. You don’t need any prior experience with astrology. If you’re a novice, you’ll be just fine here. In fact, it might even be better. Approaching this Work with curiosity and wonder is a huge bonus. Starting with a fresh slate, will allow you to create a new relationship with this material, aside from any preconceived notions or ideas.

What system of astrology will we study?
We will be working mostly with the system of Sidereal astrology. I will also be teaching you how to distinguish Tropical from Sidereal astrology as well as what the True Sidereal system is. You will be encouraged to find certain systems that work well for you as you create your unique path to becoming an astrologer. To learn more about Sidereal astrology, you can watch a short video I made here. Sidereal astrology is based on our relationship to the galaxy rather than Earth's relationship to the Sun (Tropical astrology). Don't worry, all of this will make more sense soon. What's most important is that I will guide you to find the system of astrology that resonates most for YOU and your practice.

What if I’ve been studying astrology already? Will this course benefit me?
I guarantee that you will learn things in this course that you have never come across in other astrology courses. Studying the planets, while also building a personal relationship with them, will be a big part of this course. This is a Shamanic approach that is rare and unique. We will also be studying the art of becoming a practitioner as well as how to start your own Astrological Business. These are all pieces that make this course unique. Of course, you will also have the opportunity to practice with fellow students which will offer you invaluable feedback and experience.

How many hours a week should I expect to spend on this course?
If you carve out about 2 hours a week for this course, you’re gonna rock it. This includes class time + coursework time.

Will I be able to give readings after this 6 month course?
Absolutely. After this course, you will have everything you need to begin offering readings to your community. There is always more to learn and study but yes, after this course, you’ll be ready to start your journey as an Astrologer.

Is there anything I can read about Sidereal Astrology to learn more about it?
There is not a ton written specifically on Sidereal Astrology at this point. Just know, that any book you read about Tropical astrology, will be relevant to Sidereal Astrology. The meanings of the planets, houses and constellations will be the same. What changes are the dates that certain planets are in certain signs. For example, Tropical Astrology may say that Mars is in Taurus when in Sidereal Astrology, it will be in Aires. I have studied both systems and have found that Sidereal Astrology is more accurate and relevant — both for myself and for all my clients. And also, you’re gonna get a juicy reading list along with this course.

Where did you study? What kind of training do you have?
I began studying astrology in 2010 with Jason Holley in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I studied with him for two years, immersing myself in Evolutionary Astrology — meaning, we studied the North and South nodes in great detail. I then went on to study Shamanic Astrology and Counseling with Ken Robinson, also in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I studied with him for seven years, eventually branching off on my own to teach and create my own curriculum. Also in Santa Fe, I studied the Shamanic Arts with Kay Whitaker for four years and am a Certified Shamanic Arts Practitioner. I am currently in school at Pacifica Graduate Institute, on-track to receive a Masters Degree in Depth Psychology. Depth Psychology is a Jungian based practice that focuses on the symbolic, mythic and world of the unconscious.

Registration for Star School is Currently closed

We will be welcoming our new cohort of Star School students in March of 2023.
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