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Join Archetypal Astrologer and Alchemical Counselor, Jen Antill, as she walks you through your weekly astrological, psychological forecast.

By letting the cycles of the planets guide our lives, we can live with greater insight, clarity and purpose.

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A Deeper Dive Into Starcast:


The placement of the planets are not arbitrary, ordinary placements. They have evocative meaning and significance for our lives. They can become the North Stars of our individual and collective Soul -- guiding us and offering affirmation into our messy, human lives. We can learn to live with the cycles of our solar system, going outside and looking up in order to look within.

If you're an astrology nerd like me (I got my first reading when I was 13), then you're also going to learn a lot about reading a chart. You're gonna be well on your way to becoming more than a pop-culture astrologer - you'll be supported in becoming a human who is versed in looking into the depths of the soul and psyche. We can all become translators of the cosmos. We just have to learn to listen.

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Navigating the World as an Intuitive, Empathic and Deeply Sensitive Soul

In today’s episode we explore:

1) What it means to navigate the world if you have a lot of Cancer or 4th house energy in your chart

2) Understanding the difference between the 4th house, the Moon and Cancer

3) When all you wanna do is stay home (for the most part), how do you balance this desire with the need to be out in the world?

4) Understanding the importance of the oppositional points (10th house/Capricorn) energies in relationship to Cancer and the 4th house

5) Living in the cycles of your emotions while also making and sticking to important commitments in your life

6) Extending compassion to yourself for being the sensitive soul that you are

7) Learning to be rooted and at home in yourself — accepting exactly who you are

Bisexuality & the Mars + Venus Conjunction

In today’s episode, we explore:

The Full Moon in Capricorn — offering our prayers to how far we’ve come
Exploring the implicit meaning in bisexuality through the current Mars + Venus Conjunction
Pluto + Mercury Opposition: exploring taboo conversations

Letting Go of the Past and Stepping Into the Future

In this episode we explore:

1) The new Sun season we are moving into (from Gemini to Cancer)

2) How the cycles of the Sun build upon one another

3) A deeper exploration into Venus and Mars but this time, in opposition to Jupiter

4) What holds us back from moving forward in our lives? How can we really let go of the past?

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Meet Your Podcast Host

Jen Antill is an Astrological Counselor to people all over the world. She works in the deepest realms of the psyche using astrology and psychology to guide people to their most whole and powerful selves.

Jen went from dogmatic missionary, to rebellious party girl to finally finding her way to deep, inner transformation. Jen has studied many different forms of the healing arts — everything from Mystical Midwifery to Shamanic Astrology to Depth Psychology.

Jen now lives in the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona with her fiancé Heathar and their wild dog Alice. You can most often find them at farmers markets or sun bathing.


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