The Back Pocket Project

Counseling every day of the week

Most of us need support on a DAILY basis, especially when we're going through a rough period, a time of transformation and when we're shedding skins like crazy. 

BUT, we don't always have the time, energy or money to book a counseling session every day of the week!

I've got this problem solved. 

Now, you can have me - your personal Shamanic Counselor - in your back pocket on a daily basis. Let me be a voice of encouragement, support and inspiration throughout your day.


Here's How This Works

Each day, you can write me with a question, concern or something that you are emotionally struggling with. In return, each day, I will respond with a video made JUST FOR YOU. A video that can stay with you throughout your day. A video you can watch again and again to continue to inspire you. 

Each day, you can have a video sent right to your phone that will be catered to the emotional freedom you so desire. We'll get to know one another through these intimate "video chats". You will finally have access to a counselor in your back pocket that is available to you when you most need it. 

Subscription Plans

Weekly Subscription Plan

One video every day for a whole week sent right to your phone!

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Monthly Subscription Plan

Save $50 when you sign-up for a monthly subscription plan! One video every day for an entire month, sent right to your phone!

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