Untaming Domesticity


A One-Day, Online Intensive

July 1st, 2018: 10am-6pm MST

Who is This Intensive For?

Ladies, are you committed to a partner, a family a routine? Is your list of obligation and responsibility feeling frustratingly heavy? Are you feeling numb to your life?

Do you remember the wildness, the passion and the creativity you used to feel? Where did that woman go?

She didn't disappear - she's still in there, I promise. We're going to find her again without setting fire to and destroying everything you cherish about your life. 

The Day

  • Song Ceremony: You will be lead through an ancient, Shamanic ceremony specifically designed to help you remember who and what you really are. You will experience memories and feelings that will help to inspire the aliveness inside of you that you've been craving to feel.  

  • Teaching Topics:

    • Freedom VS Entrapment: We will be exploring old, blind beliefs around freedom and entrapment - how these beliefs keep us stuck and how we can reframe our beliefs so they better serve the truth of who we are. 

    • The Allure of Attraction: We will explore the allure of attraction to others and how we often project our gifts and desires onto other people. You will explore how to own and claim these attractions as gifts that live inside of you. 

    • Limiting What We Want: We will discuss how we often limit our desires (out of fear, shame, guilt, embarrassment) which cause us to engage in patterns of addiction, codependency and secrecy. We will discuss how to open up to our desires and our deepest fantasies, so that they do not eat us from the inside out - destroying so many of the things we hold dear to us. 

  • Visioning Journey: You will be lead through a Shamanic, guided journey/meditation to reclaim a vision for your life that you have lost touch with. Through this journey, you will gain clarity around the areas of your life that you've been holding back and what new vision wants to come forward for the fullness of your life. 

One-Day Intensive: Untaming Domesticity
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You Can Feel Alive Again


In this Western culture, we can feel like we're doing it "wrong". We're the wrong kind of partner, kind of mother, kind of sister, kind of daughter, kind of friend, kind of money-maker, kind of lover, kind of human...we can feel like BIG fuck-ups. We can feel like total failures. We can feel like we're drowning in the expectations and shoulds of others in our lives. We can feel like we are tearing at tiny fabrics of who and what we used to be. We can feel unrecognizable to ourselves. We can feel for desperate for anything to make us feel alive again. This is when shit can start to get crazy. This is when we can feel like we're burning every sacred bridge in our lives - that's how desperate we are to feel alive again.

What if we could learn to feel alive no matter what our life circumstance was? What if we stopped waiting for something outside of ourselves to make us feel alive and took back our own sense of power? What if we had control over our vision, our aliveness and our passion for life?

  • EVEN IF...we have bills to pay, we have kids to take care of, we have partners to please...EVEN IF.
  • EVEN IF... we feel like the rules and roles of domestic life have us in a choke hold...EVEN IF.

What if our aliveness became the most important thing in our lives?

What You Will Walk Away With

  • A renewed sense of vision, passion and desire
  • Clarity about your gifts and path in life
  • Freedom to pursue what it is you really want
  • Delight and love for what you have already created in your life - where you have brought yourself so far
  • An understanding of the truth of who and what you are
  • An aliveness that you may not have felt in a very long time
  • New community and the awareness that you are not alone on this journey


About Your Teacher

Jen is a Shamanic Guide and Counselor who works with women all over the world. She is a rebel, a renegade and a vast creator. Jen is constantly seeking how to live as a woman with a wildly free heart and a woman who values commitment, care, long-term love and responsibility. Jen lives with her partner, Heathar, in the remote mountains of Northern New Mexico and also, with her dog, Alice, who is much more coyote than dog. 





One-Day Intensive: Untaming Domesticity
127.00 197.00

**Purchase on or before June 25th for the sale price!**

Purchase Your One-Day Intensive Now!