Vision Heart

Renew your commitment to passion.

find your purpose. 

Feel alive again.

Create the impact you crave.

September 2018 - February 2019

In our world and culture, we forget to vision for our lives. We walk through the years and decades blindly and without much direction. We feel like things just "happen" to us. We forget that we have the power to create what we want, know what we want and hold on to our sacred visions so that our lives feel immeasurably magical. We forget that we have the RIGHT to create the lives we so want and desire.

First, we must get to know our inner world and our deepest selves - we must stop believing we are worthless, we must stop believing that others deserve more than we do, we must stop living small. In order to do this, we need to do some potent healing work and then, our visions will be clear and purposeful, offering us the greatest life we could ever imagine. 

Welcome to the 5-Month Vision Heart Program

  • Month One: Mourning Your Dead Vision

  • Month Two: Identifying the Beliefs That Keep Your Vision Imprisoned

  • Month Three: Acknowledging the Truth of Your Gifts

  • Month Four: Becoming The Center of Your Own Life

  • Month Five: Creating a Lasting Vision for Your Life

By the end of these five months, you will have clarity about who you really are, your unique gifts and how you want to offer them to the world. You will feel clear in your purpose and goals. You will be able to walk forward into the world feeling authentic to who you really are. 



We Begin With A Retreat


Join us for a 3-day retreat in the mountains of Northern New Mexico to start off the Vision Heart Program. Vision Heart is a mostly online program so that women from all over the world can participate in the creation of their new vision. However, it is important to come together, spend time in the flesh, look into each other's eyes and create a tangible, 3D community. After you complete this 3-day retreat, you will hold life changing gifts, wisdom and experience that you can then bring back to your own community and the place you call home.

We will gather in October 2018 in Northern New Mexico - a time when the weather and the mountains are inspiring to re-brith, change and a time of deep dreaming for your life. We will gather around sacred fires, share organic and nourishing meals, journey, spend time in ceremony and storytelling, we will lie out under the stars and smoke sacred Shamanic pipes. We will create a foundation to walk together in this Vision Heart Program, we will create safe and supportive community. 

The cost for this retreat is included in the price of this program except for the cost of food during the retreat. There will be a $150 food cost per person, due upon the time of retreat. Lodging is not included during this retreat time.


The Breakdown

The 5-month Vision Heart Program Includes:

  • Ten one-on-one Shamanic Counseling/Astrology sessions with me (two sessions per month). These sessions will be invaluable for your personal development throughout this program as you will begin to identify the specific beliefs that have been keeping you stuck and the unique gifts that can set you free. 
  • Ten Vision Heart Sharing Circles (two sessions per month). We will meet twice a month as a group to share experiences around visioning, challenges along the way and how you are coming to know yourself more and more. We will build truly safe and supportive community during these Sharing Circles. 
  • Five Visioning Journeys (one each month). These journeys (guided, Shamanic meditations) will be given to you each month, along with specific visioning exercises to help guide your unfolding vision. These visions are to be done at your own pace and shared with the group and in sessions with me. 
  • Weekly Visioning Meditations and Writing Prompts. This program emphasizes the importance of spending time visioning and getting clear about what you want for your life on a daily and weekly basis. 
  • An active FB group that will be a space for sharing your daily visioning meditations and any written prompts. 
  • **All classes and sessions will be done online (unless you live in Taos, New Mexico)**

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More About The 5 Months

Month One: Mourning Your Dead Vision - Learn to identify when and why you gave up your true vision for life. We will uncover what it's been like for you to live without it and how that has impacted you and those around you. We will explore what the cost has been for you to give up your vision for your life. We will create a sacred grieving process for you to honor what has been lost and forgotten. We will begin to honor the pain it has stirred within you to live without your precious and unique vision. Through this grieving process, we will make way for your new vision(s) to emerge and thrive. 

Month Two: Identifying The Beliefs That Keep Your Vision Imprisoned - Through the tradition of Ka Ta See (a 30,000 year old Peruvian tradition), we will explore your blind beliefs around what it means to live truly authentically. We will explore the old, ancestral thought forms and imprints that you willingly adopted to stay asleep. We will explore how these old ways have served you and kept you safe. We will actively form new belief systems that honor your way and the vision you want to create in your life. 

Month Three: Acknowledging the Truth of Your Gifts - Using the invaluable tools of Shamanic Astrology, we will hone in on the unique gifts you are here to offer the planet. We will explore how your gifts have been missed, ignored, shamed and stifled. We will work together to build a safe place where you can finally learn to recognize and truly honor the multiple and diverse gifts you have to share with the planet. 

Month Four: Becoming the Center of Your Own Life - We will identify limitations around your true worth and value so that you can become fully awake to your path and purpose. We will journey to and explore what it means to let go of notions of being "selfish" and instead, put yourself and your life vision first. We will work through issues of co-dependency and patterns in relationships that keep you stuck in limiting ways. We will discover ways in which you have held yourself back and let them go.

Month Five: Creating a Lasting Vision for Your Life - You will have the opportunity to do the final journey of this program - a final quest and visioning journey that is immensely powerful. This journey can inform you for the rest of your life. We will craft and create linear goals for your life, steps to get there and how to do it in a way that feels authentic to you. We will honor your vision by giving it a physical, manifested form in the 3D world. 


Let's Talk About Money


Total Cost of the vision heart Program: $2,997

Good News...There are payment plan options!

  • Five Month Payment Plan: $599.40/month for 5 months
  • One Year Payment Plan: $249.75/month for 12 months

Jen is only accepting **10 people** into this program, so grab your spot now!


Vision Heart Begins September 2018!