What to know about My work


Let me be clear…

  • I work in the Soul realms. My Work is deep Work. Shamanic Work. This work will change you from the ground up and transform your life.

  • This Work will ask you to confront the places that you don’t want to look at so that you can move forward in your life as a whole and truly healed person.

  • This Work will bring up pain and trauma for you. There will be tears and resistance and all of the fun stuff along the way. Along with this, there will more relief, greater lightness, peace, hope and joy in your life.

  • There may be times when you want to run from this Work. There may be times when you feel angry that you are dredging up old pain and trauma. It is my promise to you that this is all done with the deepest of purpose - so that you can move forward in your life and fully own your gifts and medicines.

  • I am here for you all along the way. I will support you, love you, see you, hear you and believe in you. I will see the good in you. I will see your gifts. I will solidly stay with you through your transformation process.

  • If you’re looking for the light and fluffy stuff - the feel good stuff - this isn’t necessarily the right place for you. I get it. I don’t judge it and with full transparency, I will say that my Work is intense, it’s deep and it will take you to the Underworld. It will never force you but only suggest that you go to the depths that are necessary for true healing.


Here’s to the Soul Work,